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Passionate appeal to APC Delegates : Gear up to support Osinbajo, for he is the most competent-Bashir Suwaid

By Bashir Suwaid

Come Sunday, 29th to Monday 30th May, 2022; delegates from the 774 Local Governments, 36 States and FCT Abuja numbering 7, 800 will in the Special Convention for the Presidential Primary, have the responsibility to officially electing or nominating who will bear the flag of the ruling APC in the forthcoming Presidential Election of 2023 General Elections.

In a Presidential Primary Election that will be keenly contested among the 23 aspirants, only the delegates have the power to decide the fate of the aspirants to the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This Presidential Primary Convention is critical to the survival of our country, and indeed the APC as a party. This is truly the moment of decision and a time to produce a responsible candidate for the ruling APC in Nigeria’s Presidential Election.

It is pertinent to note that the success of our great party; the APC at the general elections lies greatly on the calibre, and pedigree of the persons we nominate to fly our party flag and it is also worthy to note that the future of the APC and the future of Nigeria as country lies in the hands of delegates that will vote at the Presidential Primary Convention.

It is on the basis of the above background that I, on this day sway my keyboards on delegates, to consciously appeal to their conscience to make the right decision and vote the best aspirant through their votes.

The power to determine what happens to us in the next four years will be laid bare in your hands; the Delegates. What you do with it will be remembered in history.

As I have previously stated, the 2023 General Elections is about the future of Nigeria as a nation, delegates should therefore reflect on the decisions that they will take or make will directly or indirectly influence the outcome of the nation’s future.

It is an established fact in politics, not only in Nigeria, but the world over that leaders who have charisma are able to mobilize people around a common vision and for a country, and that is exactly what Nigeria needs, a charismatic leader that has a vision for the country.

In view of the above, the most important task for the party as a whole is to canvass for somebody like Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo to become the next APC Flagbearer if the party is serious about retaining the Presidency.

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It is the dominant feeling among party members that the APC will require charisma and the phlegmatic lure of the personality of someone like Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to win the hearts of not only APC members but the Nigerian electorates in general.

In Prof. Osinbajo, our great party has a candidate with towering credentials of selfless service to humanity which has endeared him to the heart of the masses. Such goodwill is what we need in candidates to make our campaigns easy.

PYO is the only candidate among the numerous aspirants, if elected at the general election is going to further the change mantra agenda. Osinbajo is going to promote the achievement of the Next Level agenda and take it even to a higher level, and he is going to make Nigerians the center of his policies.

I am sure, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is going to ensure that his work, as it has always been, is about advancing [and] investing in people, creating jobs and ensuring that we have justice for all in this country.

PYO is well loved across all fault lines in the country, has immense goodwill and remains the best product our party can nominate to fly the party’s flag in the forthcoming election as a presidential candidate.

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His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari has done his best for the country and in just about a few months time, another administration will come on board and Nigerians will be left to suffer or enjoy the choices they delegates will make now.

In the forthcoming 2023 elections, experience and popularity will count.

Speaking of experience, PYO is the most experienced of all the aspirants as he is the closest aspirant to the Presidency and knows virtually anything about Nigeria in the last 7 years. The experiences he gathered as the Number Two in the present administration is very strategic in winning election come 2023.

Speaking of popularity or acceptability, Osinbajo will be more acceptable because he will be a sellable candidate anytime, any day. He has been involved in community development initiatives and oversees all the economic empowerment programmes he has won Nigeria and faithful supporters, in their great numbers over the years, things that really matter when it comes to winning elections – the numbers.

I encourage the delegates to look beyond immediate personal gains whether monetary or otherwise. I encourage the delegates to be bold enough to look out for another four solid years; what the situation is now and what their actions can contribute to molding that future.

Professor Osinbajo is that solution Nigerians all desired and prayed for. He has stepped out in faith, believing in delegates and their capacity to deliver him in the primaries.

With sincere concerns to appeal to your conscience, that beyond being a delegate, lies the four years of good governance that maximally delivers the dividend of democracy. This means your job as delegates/members goes beyond getting the immediate benefits that comes with being a delegate but also include thorough search to get a good candidate out of the numerous contestants to carry the party ticket & ensure the victory at the general elections.

This will amongst other benefits, ensure an easy campaign for our dear Party, APC in the general elections. The job of canvassing for votes becomes minimal & non hectic the moment Prof. Yemi Osinbajo becomes the flag bearer of the party as it is presently difficult to see a candidate that can match his political prowess & charisma so we are keenly waiting & hoping that delegates will do the needful to ensure we get a sellable candidate for the job, in person of Prof. Osinbajo.

I’m appealing to delegates, to not allow themselves to be cajoled by politics of money and pretense. Delegates should put the interest of the electorates and party members into their conscious heart before using their delegate-powers.

It is therefore in your delegate-powers, to produce the right and best choice of APC Candidate, that will fly the flag of our great party, APC in Nigeria.

Delegates should remember that the outcome of the primary election or decision, shall determine the fate of the party at the general elections.

I’m making this passionate appeal to all the delegates of our party to vote for PYO because he is the most credible and popular candidate with verifiable track records as it is a prerequisite factor for our party to come out victorious in the 2023 General Election, as the Vice President is pan-Nigerian and understands the dynamics of Nigeria’s complex terrain, and the only candidate that can unify this country.

PYO is well experienced, educated and understands the dynamics of the Nigerian environment from the rural area to the urban area, as the Vice President and as the Chairman of the National Economic Council.

We therefore expect that against every expectation, you prick your conscience & allow it to work with you while voting for candidate at the primaries.

While wrapping up my piece, my humble appeal to the powerful delegates of our great party once again, as they head to the Presidential Primary is that, you all should vote for Professor Yemi Osinbajo; for he is hardworking, dedicated and most respected aspirant in the party.

Osinbajo is the candidate to beat if he emerges the winner of the primary election for he is desired and development oriented person who would lead the party to victory.

Suwaid SA Media and Publicity to Hon Hafiz Kawu Tarauni/ Director planning and strategy Osinbajo support organization can be reached at

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