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Kano PDP: We recognized primary election that produced Muhammad Abacha- INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has put to rest controversy over who the Commission recognized as the Kano PDP Gubernatorial Candidate amongst the two Contending Persons, Muhammad Abacha and Sadiq Wali.

Solacebase reports that the two contending contestants, Muhammad Abacha and Sadiq Wali emerged winners of two Parallel PDP Primaries in Kano with each of them claiming to be the authentic Gubernatorial Candidate of the Party in the State.

Kano INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner, Professor Risque Shehu, told newsmen, Thursday that as far as the they commission is concerned the elections conducted by Shehu Sagagi led PDP group is the authentic elections because he was recognized by the law.

Professor Risque Shehu said, “as at the time the PDP Primary was conducted, Shehu Sagagi was the one recognized by the Law as the State Chairman of the Party in Kano and is also the only elections that we send our staff to monitor”.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner who was responding to questions as to who the commission recognizes as the authentic candidate of the Party, while briefing the Media, said, “although the Primary is a purely Party affairs, but as far as we are concerned the elections conducted by Shehu Sagagi was the one we recognized”.

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He said the party headquarters sent a letter notifying the commission of the gubernatorial primary election in Kano.

“And later, Shehu Sagagi the State recognized PDP Chairman by Law as at that time, came with the same letter from the Party Headquarters and with locations and we sent our observers who monitored their elections”.

“Also, later in the day another team claiming they came from the Party Headquarters came and asked us to send our staff to witness their Primary elections but we declined because we told them we are acting on what the Law says”.

Prof. Risque Shehu added that, “the law purely recognized Shehu Sagagi as the party Chairman as at that time and we have already monitored his conduct of elections and we cannot go to any one again”.

“So as far as INEC is concerned the elections conducted by Shehu Sagagi is the authentic elections and which was monitored by our staff, this is our position”.

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