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Gawuna: Kano’s best option- Bashir Suwaid

By Bashir Suwaid

With barely a year to the end of Khadimul Islam, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State tenure, all eyes are currently on candidates from different political parties jostling to take over the mantle of leadership from him.

Among the top contenders are highly successful professionals, business tycoons, technocrats and career politicians. A few of the contenders stand out for their rare combination of experience, passion, competence and youthfulness.

Come 2023, Kano electorates would be confronted with very tough options on who to choose as their next Governor. The electorates need to assess and scrutinize the candidates presented by the number of political parties for the next governorship poll in Kano State.

Registered voters in Kano State are saddled with making very difficult choice, but as a concerned indigene of Kano State, I deem it necessary to my fellow Kanawa to light a way for them and bring fore whom I think is the best option for them after assessing all the candidates, not as an APC supporter but a concerned Kano State indigene.

The issue is not only about who should succeed Governor Ganduje but the need for a credible and honest leadership; how do we create a vision for our dear state and take its development to the next level; and how do we get a leader with the right pedigree to lead us to the desired level. Without vision the people perish.

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From the array of highly qualified governorship candidates I have assessed, none of the candidate is not worthy of being the next Governor of Kano State, all of them are eminently qualified, but one stood out as the best choice that needs to be supported and subsequently elected to be the next Governor of Kano State, that person is none other than Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, the Deputy Governor of Kano and consensus flagbearer of the APC.

Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna emerged as standard-bearer of ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) after a lengthy nomination process and rigorous efforts.

I am making this endorsement out of a disinterested, objective and unbiased assessment of all that have declared their interest to vie for the office of the governor of Kano State, I endorse Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, because my instinct tells me to only vouch for integrity and competence of a candidate, and that one single candidate out of the retinue of candidates that my instinct believed with is Gawuna, as he is the peak of the bunch.

The Deputy Governor is well known for his intellectual accomplishments as a former Local Government Chairman, three times Commissioner, and currently Deputy Governor. Gawuna is the most qualified and competent to govern the state based on his past performances in various challenging appointments and global connections.

Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna appeals to the most APC supporters in the state, the elites, the Ulamas, the business men and the women folk as the ideal material for governorship, due to his loyalty, kindness, respect, compassion, composure, competence, prudence, and passion-driven quest to develop the state.

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Prior to his political experience by way of electoral contests, Dr. Gawuna’s success stories have been his unique value proposition. His rich fund of goodwill is what is throwing his name about in the state.

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Gawuna’s commitment and love for the people is second to none compared to array of other candidates jostling for the supreme seat of Kano State Executive Governor and he is the only candidate that better understand the needs of the people of Kano State and the most experienced candidate to take over the governorship baton from Governor Ganduje come 2023.

Gawuna is also the most exposed candidate among the top contenders of Kano State Governorship seat because the exposure given to him by Governor Ganduje through various representations gave him a working knowledge of Kano and National politics by extension.

Gawuna is also a very loyal person as he served his principal (Ganduje) to the best of his ability and capacity. He was not found wanting in his loyalty to the Governor in any way, which he was along the line celebrated by being picked as the consensus candidate of the APC.

Voting for Gawuna is also voting for continuity and consolidation, as it is a known fact, Ganduje Administration where Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna is part and parcel of as the number two, being the Deputy Governor and also a Commissioner of Agriculture, invested heavily in the infrastructural development of the state. Our schools, hospitals and roads became the best in the country, as Kano State was rated among the top states in every sphere of governance.

In order to add and consolidate on what was built, Gawuna deserves to be voted for continuity and consolidation of those projects, because I believe Gawuna would follow and improve on Governor Ganduje’s model to develop the state to the standard it deserves.

Dr. Nasiru Gawuna also has a listening ear and a good heart. Because leadership is about understanding and surrounding oneself with good hands by putting a square peg in a square hole and also ready to listen to them, I believe the Deputy Governor if elected, will continue surrounding himself with people that shares similar ideology and passion for taking Kano to the next level of infrastructural development, which places Gawuna as better than the rest of the candidates.

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As a man of excellence who would bring his wealth of experience in the Executive Arm of Government to bear in the governance of Kano State, Dr. Gawuna would ensure that the people at the grassroots feel the impact of good governance.

It has come to the time the electorates in Kano State should take their destiny into their hands and speak with one voice in order to enthrone a responsible and responsive leadership which they can be proud to identify with;           a leadership that can continue and consolidate the good works, projects and developments started by Governor Ganduje.

Kano State voters should rise up with one loud voice, mobilize themselves to support and cast their votes for GAWUNA come 2023.

Suwaid , SA Media and Publicity to Hon Hafiz Kawu Tarauni Member Representing Tarauni federal Constituency and can be reached via

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