The heat is on, the daggers are drawn- Adamu Aminu

(L-R-Top to bottom) Abdullahi Ganduje,Ibrahim Shekarau,Barau Jibrin, Kabiru Gaya and Alhassan Doguwa

Sequel to the petition lodged in by the seven Kano, APC stakeholders led by Senator Malam Ibrahim Shekarau [Kano North] to the national headquarters to investigate the state party on what they termed as leadership failure to carry all the divergent interests along.

As contained in the 7-man undersigned petition letter sent to the APC national headquarters, on Wednesday, the embattled stakeholders cried out in a foul manner of what they called empirical, underhanded, ingenuity of marginalization from all party affairs.

The stance taken by the stakeholders [breakaway members] has brewed resentments and nailed them to the cross of party outrage, to the extent of branding them with a new sobriquet as “Banza literally Bakwai” literally means as “7 inglorious bastards”

Well, this kind of political tug-of-war isn’t peculiar to the Nigerian model of politics.

A politics in Nigerian usage is publicly known not only as a game of numbers where those the majority emerges victorious, but also a game of survival, rivalry, mistrust, backstabbing, seeking for supremacy and craving for power at any cost.

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This at a swords point’s rivalry within or among the opposition parties usually emanates as the clock commences ticking fast to the days of general elections.

The time when the incumbent power holders blindly scrambles for seamless relevance to keep one’s afloat within the fortress of power, in fear of being dumped, mired deeply under the dustbin of political irrelevancy.

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While the aspiring ones will be striving to grasp the mandate at any cost –  for a reason – to get a sense of bonafide citizenship within the ranks of frontline beneficiaries.

Therefore, since the party Congress is closely around the corner, the daggers are brought out of their sheath, the demarcated line is drawn.

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Some of the questions needed to be asked are as follows;

A. What is the status of the embattled members who lodged in petition to the APC national headquarters?

B. What’s their political future if they didn’t or not allow to partake in the state party Congress?

C, What are the measures taken by the party national headquarters towards reconciliation of the breakaway members and the Kano state APC?

D. If none of the above questions was affirmative, what would be the future of APC in Kano in the forthcoming general elections?

Does it mean the two Senators and the 4 House of Representative members have or haven’t a role to play in the bid for APC in Kano emerge successfully in the 2023 elections?

Whatever the case may be, time always came along with fair judgment.

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