Crisis hits Kano Council of Ulama over impeachment of leader

Kano Council of Ulama

By Abdul Isah. Kano State Council of Ulama has impeached its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil.

At a news conference on Monday in Kano, a coalition of the various Muslim sects in the state include Izala, Tijjaniyya and Kadiriyya, led by Ustaz Saifullah Adam Assudani said that the chairman of the State  Council of Ulama is impeached for being political in running the affairs of the council.

Although some of the clerics present during the announcement expressed dissatisfaction over the process of the impeachment.

The statement read at the news conference was signed by Sheikh Saifullah Assudani, Sheikh Khalifa Gama, Sheikh Abdulkadir Ramadan and Imam Jamilu Abubakar.

The coalition also announced the appointment of Sheikh Abdullahi Saleh Pakistan.

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Solacebase reports that Sheikh Abdullahi Saleh Pakistan is the chairman of Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Commission.

According to the Clerics, some of the reasons for impeaching Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil include “turning the council into a political platform by engaging in faceoff with every government that comes into power that include former governors Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, Rabiu Kwankwaso and of recent, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje. His reasons in all the cases were that they disallowed him to contest political offices in his position as a cleric, a situation that has led to the council not benefiting from the government and the government loosing the elderly advises of the council.

“Lack of fairness to all the religious groups in the state who do not have any stake in the council, that include Tijjaniyya, Qadiriyya, Izala and other clerics from religious sects not mentioned here.

“Members are complaining of being kept aside without knowledge of what is happening in the council” the Ulama stated among others.

However, an Islamic cleric from the Tijjaniyya sect from Kiru Local Government, at the news conference Sheikh Sulaiman Bello Kiru, decried  the removal of the Council’s leader saying it is not fair and has political reasons.

“We are not part of this decision and its more political. We were only called upon to come and attend the press conference from where we heard the announcement that Sheikh Khalil has been impeached.

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“We were not consulted and are not aware of anything. The body has no constitution, no tenure for the leadership and is being politicised” he stated.

Meanwhile there has not been any response from the impeached leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil while the Ulama appear to be splited into factions.

Kano Council of Ulama

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