‘Why Senator Manager knelt down before James Ibori’

Senator Manager knelt down before James Ibori’

An associate of Senator representing Delta South, James Manager, has explained why he was seen kneeling before a former Governor, James Ibori, in a picture that has gone viral.

The source familiar with the matter said on Friday that it was just a sign of respect in Urhobo culture.

He confirmed the picture was taken on Wednesday when Manager paid Ibori a courtesy visit.

Providing the details, he said: “Senator went to visit him on Wednesday.

Also, James Manager served as sports commissioner under Ibori

“Ibori is a senior, a king and an elder to him, being his former boss.

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“Whenever you go to pay homage to an Urhobo elder or someone you hold in high esteem, you kneel down.

James Manager, a ranking senator from Delta State, was first elected in 2003 and he is on fourth term at the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

Although James Ibori left power in 2007 and was later convicted for fraud in the UK, Ibori wields a huge influence in Delta.

He was said to have been instrumental to the emergence of all those who have governed Delta since he left power.

Even while in UK prison, there were reports that politicians went there to consult with him over Delta politics.


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