Matawalle leads operations to hideouts in Gusau, captured notorious bandits

Zamfara State, Governor Bello Mohammed Matawalle over the weekend led a team of security operatives where they raided the hideouts of notorious and unrepentant bandits terrorising Gusau, the state capital.

The governor was at operations theatre while dishing out commands to operatives of the Police Headquarters’ Special Tactical Squad combing the hideouts of notorious bandits in Gusau.

The operations that took place between 10 pm to 5 am in the morning led to the successful arrest of several bandits and their accomplices including a Fire Service officer working in the State Fire Service Command.

Sources close to Governor Matawalle revealed that the Governor made the decision out of his commitment to free the state from banditry.

He collates intelligence and served as the theatre commander to ensure no suspect evade arrest that very night.

“For hours, the Governor Coordinated the Operations until all the leaders of bandits terrorising Gusau and their accomplices were captured.

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According to the source, it was a surprise operation where the governor reserved a command and operations theatre without telling anyone in the Government House from where he collates intelligence, organised and successfully accomplished the mission of arresting the suspects. He insisted that all suspects mentioned must be arrested before dawn and so it happened!

After the arrests, Matawalle inspected the suspects and exhibits and handed them over to the Police Commissioner before they were later paraded at the State Command Headquarters of the Nigeria Police.

According to Governor Matawalle,  it is high time the State put result-oriented  machinery to promote peace and maintain a high level of human security in the State.”

Meanwhile, information gathered revealed that Governor Matawalle has since his time as Chairman House Committee on Intelligence and National Security advocated for leaders always be at the frontline in countering security challenges. Because he believed compromise by third parties used by leaders as middle persons in addressing issues of security have always made matters worse.

The Governor had repeatedly stated that the security of lives and property of citizens are of utmost priority, hence the decision to personally lead the Operations as the Chief Security Officer to rid Zamfara of bandits and other criminal elements.

“While some leaders prefer to play blame games on this serious matter, we would continue our carrot and stick approach to face the problem squarely, when things are right, we would then look at who to praise and who to blame.”

“We would continue to fight individuals, groups and accomplices of whoever is bent on disturbing the safety and security of our citizens, there will be no exception

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