WPFD: How digital technology promote media rights


How Digital Technology Promote Media Rights?

Unlike political or economic change, technological change created both risks and opportunities for journalists. Developments in Open Source technologies and artificial intelligence inevitably promoted media rights.

Digital Security Tools helps journalists in encryption to secure journalists and their digital environment from cyber-attacks and online harassments. Numerous times investigative journalists are subjected to violations of their rights to expression, privacy, dignity, and safety online. Encryption, anonymity, and digital security tools have proved to be effective in promoting media rights.

Globally, journalists have utilized Social Media platforms to create and support media right related activism for Freedom of the press thereby forcing dictatorial regimes to tread cautiously in gagging of the press unlike before. ‘hashtag movements’ lead to policy change and generated awareness which is a major step in the right direction.

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Open Source Intelligence Tools allows journalists to use collective Intelligence from organic social media posts to detect journalists in danger for an immediate emergency response to save the life of journalists thus promoting media rights.

Digital Skills for the Future of Journalism

The dramatic shift in media consumption in the last decade has towards digital and social platforms. In order to keep up with this speedy pace, Journalists must broaden their skill-set to meet the growing demands for online storytelling and content generation for Social Media.

A professional digital journalist should have the following skills set:

Online Privacy & Security Applications

Digital News Production

Digital Tools to Verify Information

Posting Stories on Social Media

Digital Audience Engagement

Production & Distribution

Reporting & Editing

Digital Photography

Mobile and Backpack Reporting

Data & Investigative Journalism

Acquiring these skills will enhance Digital journalists work daily, in addition to learning how to handle them, they need to be aware of any new tools that emerge. They are in constant evolution!

Ali Isa Musa is a Non-Resident Fellow Nigerian Global Affairs Council Lagos.

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