Equal Access International trains women leaders on peace and security

Equal Access International, a non-Governmental Organization has organized capacity training for some 12 selected women on peace and security.

Solacebase reports that the two-day training started on Wednesday and expected to be completed on Thursday, in Abuja.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Country Director of the Organization, Mr Gad Peter, said the two-day training workshop for women leaders from Kano, Kaduna, Benue and Plateau aimed at enhancing their advocacy capacity, to encourage them to establish where there is none, Women Peace and Security network or platform.

He said the training is to strengthen existing women peace security platforms and to create more awareness on the need to have more women and youth involved in peace and security in the mentioned states.

‘’The selected four states have one issue or the other and Equal Access strongly believes that when we have more women and youth involved in governance, inclusion and the issue of security we are likely to get a more positive result, ‘’Gad Peter said.

‘’In essence, what Equal Access is doing between today and tomorrow is to build the capacity of the women and get their opinions on how best we can approach these issues, develop an action plan and equally agree on how we are going to carry out advocacy and who we are going to visit.’’

Participants at the training in Abuja

‘’As to why only women were the target, Mr Gad explained that most often when issues of peace and security come up, it is only men that you find at the table. Women are usually not part of it. So what we are doing now is to build the capacity of women so that when they get opportune to participate in such meetings they are able to do deeper context analysis, they are able to know what early warning is all about and when we are done with these training, we will be talking to the men.’’

On their part, the participants noted that the capacity building is timely with issues around daily security deterioration as women are always at the receiving end.

Thus the need to encourage their participation on issues around peace especially in relation to securing our communities.

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