Saratu and the insecurity of insanity-Bala Ibrahim

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Bala Ibrahim

Although destiny is responsible for all the events that will necessarily happen to every person, had late Professor Ishaya Audu, the first vice-chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University and former physician to the late Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello, gotten any inkling, even if by suspicion, that he would sire an irresponsibly insane Saratu, methinks he would have prayed to God, for the reconstruction of that part of his destiny.

Since the day before yesterday, when the wild and wacky video of Saratu Ishaya Audu went viral on social media, at the Abuja House London, calling and abusing President Muhammadu Buhari directly, the name of the late academician has been in the news for the bad news.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother devoting my time on a person that is adjudged insane, but the fact that her insanity could cause or constitute a threat to public security, I feel I have a duty to draw the attention of the public, to the dangers of interacting with a certified psychotic.

Like the plenty pictures of the spalpeen Saratu circulating in the social media, almost all of them portraying her as an imitation, or mechanical caricature of a human being, the tales being told about this Saratu, are as shameful as they are sordid.

I was struggling with my pen trying to place Saratu’s attitude in the context of our values or accepted rules of behaviour, when suddenly my phone clicked, to alert me of the arrival of a new message. It’s an article on WhatsApp from Ibrahim Ado-Kurawa, entitled, PMB AND THE FRUSTRATION OF PROFESSOR’S DAUGHTER, thus:

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“It is indeed appalling and disheartening, the viral news that it was Professor Ishaya Audu’s daughter who was recorded abusing President Muhammadu Buhari. If she is truly the daughter of the Professor, it is least expected from the daughter of such a great Nigerian and gentleman. He would never have condoned it.

But why did she do it? And those guys in London are persisting in harassing Mr President? The answer is simple. Europe is not Africa. Nothing is sacred in Europe or the West. It was Christian and now neo-pagan. Anything could be challenged.

They are no longer God conscious but man conscious. So in Africa, we have to decide what life we want. Neither extreme will stand interrogation or test of time. Tradition and godliness without care for the needs of the people, and placated with excessive religiosity in Africa will continuously condemn the people to the bottom of the pit of poverty.

And on the other hand, westernization and hedonism will never bring happiness, because it makes the human being an animal without any spirituality. Many are not happy in the West because of their spiritual emptiness despite involvement in industrial charity.

Perhaps that young woman belongs to that class, believing that the only path to development is westernization and rejection of African values. It is not an excuse for her to behave the way she did. But considering her pedigree, President’s men might have frustrated her and therefore she decided to go wild to seek attention.

There are people who have worked and are still working for the President’s success but are persistently frustrated and they have lost their livelihoods because of him, yet none of his men ever care to even look at them. That is why, whenever they go wild, their frustration and anger will shake everyone, just as this woman did.”

Kurawa’s article aptly captured the minds of many, and I hope the President’s men and women would not only read to get the meaning of the message but juxtapose it with the satanical slapstick of Saratu.

As if trying to console me against the sitcom of Saratu, another friend forwarded another cliché on WhatsApp, with the title:


The Sponsors of this Nonsensical Acts are Many, However, few of them include the following,

Those Who Had to Ran-Away from Nigeria because of their Corrupt-Records.

Those Who Can no longer Sponsor their Children in UK & other Western Countries because President Buhari Blocked their Looting Pipe!!

Those Who Can No Longer Buy Private Jet as they were Planning 2 do so before the Coming of President Buhari.

Those Who Can no Longer fly their Private Jets because they can no longer afford it because Buhari Blocked their Looting Pipe.

Those Who Can No Longer Build Private University like their Looting Partners!!

Those Who Can Not have Students in their Private Universities because there is no enough Stolen money to maintain that!!!

Those Who Can no Longer Maintain their Farms & Poultry because they were previously doing that from Government Pockets.

Those Whose Lies & Evil misinformation against the President Never drop him down!!

Those Who are Ashamed of ABUJA-KADUNA-KANO AKK GAS Projects, because they Couldn’t do it in their 16 Wasted Corrupt years in power.

Those who are afraid & Ashamed of Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Dual Express Brand-New 6 lanes Road, because it was not in their plans during their Looting Regimes!!!

Those Ashamed of the many Railway-Projects Across Nigeria!!

Those Ashamed of Our Airport Transformation.


Those Who are Ashamed of 2nd-Niger-Bridge, because it was only in Paper during their Looting Regimes & despite Selling Crude-Oil far Above $120/Barrel.

Those Who had to Abandoned their ill-gotten Wealth in the Banks because of President Buhari’s Policy enforcement of BVN!

Those Who had 2 Abandoned their Properties because they can not prove it’s ownership!

Those who can no longer do the annual Rituals of FUEL-SCARCITY that brings Billions to them.

Those Who are Seriously Affected by C.A.M.A act!!

Those Who can no longer leave in Aso-Rock in the Name of Religion or Tribe.

Those Who Lost their Money to this government even after they buried the money in either Cemetery, Water Tank & Sock-Away.

Those Who Are No Longer having Billions as a result of IPPIS!!!!

Those who are No Longer having Contracts to import Fertilizer because we have made many fertilizer Companies at home.

Those Who are no Longer having Contracts 2 import food & be getting billions from the Fed. Government.

Saratu may be taking solace behind some of the aforementioned and driven by the frustration of insanity, she could do anything inimical to the safety and security of the society.

Ibrahim, a media adviser writes from Abuja.


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