Senate President, Ahmad Lawan names those behind moves to break-up Nigeria

Senate President ,Ahmed Lawan

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan has underscored the importance of unity in national development, saying those clamouring for the break-up of the country were in the vast minority.

According to him, those behind the minority agitations were disgruntled elites bent on satisfying their self-serving interest to the detriment of the majority of Nigerians.

Lawan stated this while speaking to journalists in his home town Gashua, Yobe state on Saturday.

He added that the unity of Nigeria would continue to be the cardinal focus of the National Assembly by ensuring equity, justice and fairness for every part of the country.

“Nigeria will continue to be one. What we need to emphasize always is equity, justice and fairness to all, for all.

“I think this is one way to go, probably the only way to go to ensure that everybody feels belonged.

“This administration has done quite a lot in that area, if you look at the spread of federal government projects across the country, you will agree with me that the federal government has not favoured any part of the country.

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“I think the government is doing quite a lot to ensure that there’s that equitable distribution of projects across the country.

“I believe that the unity of this country will continue to be our major focus. From time to time you hear some people talking of maybe establishing their own country or secession.

“I believe that majority of Nigerians believe that they should stay together – and I mean the ordinary Nigerians. These are people who believe in the unity of this country.

“But the elites is where the problem is, the elites will tell you, no, we have to secede. I believe that we should be fair to the multitude of Nigerians – those ordinary people

He said the National Assembly would stop at nothing to ensure that normalcy and security is restored to states faced by challenges such as kidnapping, insurgency, banditry and militancy.

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He said: “About the issue of security, I think the National Assembly has done quite a lot in that area working with the Executive arm of government and, recently, on Monday or so, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and I met with Mr President, and the centre of our discussion was the security of the country.

“How do we engage the security of this country? It has been a nagging issue, but it is not an issue that cannot be solved.

“With the appointment of the new Service Chiefs, we have seen newer strategies and Mr President and the National Assembly will be working to provide more resources in the supplementary budget which the presidency will submit sometime maybe this month to the National Assembly.”

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