The North eclipses itself-Muazu Muazu

Muazu Muazu

By Muazu Muazu

The North is chronically sick if not terminally. Every day is kidnapping – banditry – violence – insurgency – corruption – armed robbery – pen robbery – exploding of bombs – wanton and extrajudicial killing – freaky happening – cultism – bizarre – deception and a lot of atrocities all over the region.

We, the people of northern Nigeria are being harmed because of procrastination – lackadaisical attitude and lack of jealousy of ourselves – our people and our region.

Until now, we do not consider the southern part superior to us in education. We deceive ourselves into thinking we have the knowledge, after we have been passed and we have been made, the distance up and down. We are indeed far away. But we still do not understand, we claim everything from us is out.

But that is not the case. Religion remains as it is. Global development and education also exist as their own and their environment. Religion and development are two things that are different and very similar, but each one is independent.

Knowledge of history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, ethics, and more in many fields of life, we are far from it, their distance not near. That is why we are here today.

The people of the South believed in knowledge, they believed that history was the source of knowledge. Because even if you study religion at last you will find history is your lamp. Knowledge of history is essential in the development of life.

It suffices to say that no human being has a complete history in his hand in relation to the storage life.

We have a shortage of historians due to the shortage of language and literature teachers. And the people we have are not doing their job properly. We do not look at things the way they are, we always assume that we have understood and reached the pinnacle of our understanding of the future of the world, but that is not the case.

The truth of the matter is that we do not understand, and we do not understand. The reason for this is because of the way we live our life as sailors and where we stand.

The constitution allows us to express our views but we have failed to use them in the right way. We are constantly criticizing and criticizing each other and seeing the effects of our influence in the media, through political puppets, in the name of taking advantage of this opportunity to speak out.

There are so many things we need to stop looking at and pass on. Because now there is so much civilization and education in the world we live in. The only thing left for our fairytale to do is to tell us that our civilization is limited to our cities, and we do not look at other parts of the world and their civilization, so that we can learn from them as they lead by example.

After all, why should we always wait for others to come up with a solution and then imitate it? Can we not invent what others can imitate from us? Where are our scientists? Where are the historians and other scholars?

Of course, we are in great confusion, the darkness of all darkness. It was as if this kind of donkey taught his cousin donkey. The body also says it understands, even though it has nothing to do with teaching.

He who knows himself – knows his Lord, and he who does not know himself certainly does not know his Lord.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to follow the right path for the development of our northern region, we have no jobs and no jobs creation all the time except chaos and nonsense, many of our young people have become intoxicated, they cannot curse themselves at all.

The people of the region and the country are a good thing, and the elders and elite are safe and sound, if I throw a stone at my mother, everyone will fall. We do not understand, we do not know we do not understand.

See how Kano State Hisbah Board views ‘Black Friday’. In a widely syndicated letter – the Hisbah board addressed ‘The Menger’ instead of the manager – and “Letter of Notofication’ instead of a letter of notification warning Cool FM for calling Friday ‘Black Friday’.  Is ‘Black Friday’ the only thing Hisbah views or blames for? To do not know is really not do, to know not to do is also really not know.

This tells a lot about the quality of people who are given certain responsibilities in our country. It is also a demonstration of a lack of capacity to write an ordinary letter.

The people in power are one-sided in a blind town. No matter how poor our progress is, we have forgotten that we are the ones who will stand up for our own progress. It is too late to wait for others to plan our lives, doing so as if we are destroying ourselves. We were stabbed in the stomach with our hands.

Lagos state governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, very recently met with President Muhammad Buhari and handed him a copy of a map of the reconstruction of Lagos state, following the destruction of some areas by protesters during the ‘#EndSARS’ protest. Earlier, the Speaker, House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila said he would not sign the budget unless a compensation plan is included in the 2021 proposed appropriation bill.

Where are the northern governors who have had problems with insecurity, insurgency, banditry and kidnapping in their states? We sit idly by and some of the people we consider to be the most civilized and educated have done something and then we will get up and say yes, and we will do the same while following the path they have followed. When the COVID-19 subsidy was issued,  Lagos state got N10b, Kano state applied for it. And our people say don’t give us food to eat, what are they doing with the money? They are not the only citizens.

Governors should fear God, know that they will step down no matter how long it takes, and they will mourn the loss they have inflicted on the people.

Most of our leaders do not have compassion and fear of God.

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Everyone is trying to make progress, and they are bringing us sorrow and setbacks. There is always oppression in this country. People are suffering so much, life is hard. People are living in illusion –  asking for help in any way, and very few are sympathetic to society. No one cares for the poor. No one cared that we were being bullied, everyone was watching. Everyone puts the love of the world, leadership and money above everything else. God’s servants are left to suffer. People don’t care. Everyone at his level wants to oppress people. Everyone in his profession wants to harm people. We have become oppressors, we have wronged ourselves, we have wronged others. Is this what God sent us into the world to do?

For God’s sake people of the north – what situation do we not get into in our area of ​​underdevelopment? Loss of property, loss of lives, damage to cities, damage to farms, but we could not speak. Which governor did we see going to president Muhammad Buhari in public and handing him a copy of rebuilding his state? How many cities in the north were destroyed by the riots and insurgents? People looking for food were killed. Everyone refused to talk. It is alleged that they did not ask for permission. Seeking destruction in the north or going to the farm without permission? All over Nigeria, we live in misery and misery.

All the problems we are facing in the north the people of the south are not part of it. Kidnappings, murders, repression, insurgency. Lack of good roads, economic stagnation, agricultural damage and so on, we are all alone, we have nothing to do with each other.

The problem of the North is ours. We do not know ourselves, our leaders are not jealous of us, we are not jealous of ourselves, we do not use our knowledge and intelligence. We have become what we have become. Then we can complain. We have failed to liberate ourselves. We don’t even have a class in theology and politics. Everyone has no sympathy for society, only arrogance and oppression.

It’s been over two decades now for this political dispensation, but we haven’t got what we deserve. We were asleep watching this administration from the north finishes the second round tenure and we did not benefit from anything but sadness and regret. We are dancing the same old dance while the music has changed.  We were given ‘goals’ that time, now we are given one goal – ‘goals – goals’!

The impunity of the fouling utterances of some figures in this administration is indicative of the moral descent of leadership in the country.

The current situation must be critically examined by the Northern political and intellectual elites to the stark possibilities of our endemic stagnation, perennial communal violence and even political demise.

We must get out of steps with emerging realities. These crises of purpose, identity and development offer us a unique opportunity to rethink, re-strategize and refocus. We should not continue to respond to situations forced upon us, but we must expect – anticipate and prepare for situations as well as changes we desire.

May God see us through these frightening days with unfolding tragedies.

Muazu, a media professional writes from Kano and can be reached at 08036433199

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