Is Salihu Tanko Yakasai out of Ganduje’s government as a romantic hero?- Muazu Muazu

Saliu Tanko Yakasai

By Muazu Muazu

Criticism according to Jeande deLa Bruyere is as often a trade as a science; requiring more health than wit, more labour than capacity, more practice than genius.

Public commentary – public discussion and public criticism are criticism that are specific to – of – or relevant to politics, policies, politicians, political parties and types of government.

Salihu Tanko YAKASAI’s criticisms are specific of politics – policies – politicians – the ruling party APC as well as types of government at different levels.

Criticism of democracy is based on democracy’s purpose, process and outcomes.

From the middle ages and through the modern era, democracy has been associated with “rule of the people”, “rule of the majority”, and the free selection or election, either through direct participation or elected representation, respectively.

Political pundits have approached critiques of democratic political systems from different perspectives. Many do not necessarily oppose democracy by its simplest definition – “rule of the people” – but, rather, seek to question or expand this popular definition.

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In their work, they distinguish between democratic principles that are effectively implemented through undemocratic procedures; undemocratic principles that are implemented through democratic procedures; and variations of the same kind.

For clarification and example – some critics of democracy would agree with Winston Churchill’s famous remark, “No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. Other critics may be more prepared to describe existing democratic regimes as anything but “rule of the people”.

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Some political thinkers said it is wrong to be part of the government and openly criticize it. They said one could express his personal opinion – understanding or opposing views to people in power privately. That if you want to criticize, you simply quit and do it comfortably.

I agree that you cannot criticize the government and remain part of it anywhere in the world. You simply step aside and do your criticisms.

Salihu Tanko YAKASAI is one of the people privileged by the state power and it repeated the same circus show.

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He criticized Mr Muhammadu Buhari’s ability to get Nigeria out of the woods months ago and he got a suspension letter. He criticized the ruling party and the entire system barely – a day he got a sacking letter.

Obviously, he has failed to understand his role as the gatekeeper of Governor Ganduje.  And every gatekeeper must accept to take punches linked to doing their job and protecting the interest of their principal and his political party. He has forgotten his PR role.

Salihu Tanko YAKASAI didn’t subject himself to the idea of defining success in government or governance in terms of our individual access. Because in Nigeria, when we found access, forget our mission and vision. Salihu showed that he is not lacking in spirit to some extent. He had expressed publicly and formally his opinion. And he did it twice!

Even though he paid the price for his actions or inactions – for me personally, I didn’t find a political jingoist in him. Our politicians are all political opportunists in one way or the other.

We must not forget that telling truth to the power is bitter but it develops knowledge – promotes justice, fairness and participatory democracy that can translate into qualitative development.

This is what we called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!

But I ask, is Salihu Tanko YAKASAI out of Ganduje’s government as a romantic hero?

Muazu, a media professional writes from Kano and can be reached at or 08036433199

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