Securing the nation: The Kwankwasiyya approach-Yusuf Sharada

Some of the 370 beneficiaries of Kwankwasiyya foundation post graduate scholarship on their return from Sudan, Dubai and India last week.

By Yusuf Sharada

The ravaging problem of insecurity bedevilling the north and other parts of Nigeria can be tackled by applying the Kwankwasiyya approach.

One may ask, what is the Kwankwasiyya approach? Well, the Kwankwasiyya approach is a tested practical concept encapsulated in the triple Es (Education, Employment and Empowerment).

All stakeholders agreed based on the data at their disposal, that ignorance, idleness and poverty are the major reasons for the increase in banditry, kidnapping, daybreak robbery, phone/bag snatching and other social vices that adorn the front pages of our national dailies.

Nigerian leaders do not need angel guided solution to address these menace, what is needed is a genuine implementation of triple Es by making education accessible and affordable, shifting from favour to competence when it comes to employment as well as embarking on serious empowerment programs and interventions targeted at real craftsmen and practical entrepreneurs.

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Kwankwaso has done it in Kano when he was Governor and he is now doing it even without a political office.

The result of educating, employing and empowering youth by the Kwankwasiyya movement is what changed Kano from a once volatile state to a safe haven even amidst uncertainties.

Truth must be told. No one can take away the credit of relative peace we’re all enjoying in Kano from Senator Kwankwaso.

The government at the centre must as a matter of urgency copy from him and apply these approach for peace to reign in our country.

Yusuf Sharada, an ICT expert writes from Kano

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