Muhuyi Magaji: Defender of the defenseless-Shariff Aminu Ahlan

Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman , Barr. Muhuyi Magaji Rimigado .

By Shariff Aminu Ahlan

So many reasons abound that even the chronic haters, detractors, and political opponents, would have no choice than to admire, applaud and acknowledged the foresight, visionary and penchant of His Excellency the Executive Governor of Kano State in fishing out extraordinary, unique and out of this world personalities to head sensitive organizations and establishments who are naturally gifted, professional, hardworking and with zeal, courage and inbuilt determination to make differences, as such his overwhelming and envious achievements are indeed justifiable and live no room for contesting or disputing.

One can say unequivocally and without any iota of doubt or regrets that those unprecedented achievements which are been hailed, applaud and globally acknowledged are simply a product of exceptional mind that is preoccupied with hunger and unquenched desire to live a lasting legacy that is bound to be remembered by the generations born and unborn.

And his major secret lies in cycling himself with those aforementioned aids that shared the same vision and mission of having the government that would be a reference point and an object of emulation.

And among those worthy, gifted, talented, fearless and visionary aids that are making waves in their various domains is the Executive Chairman Kano State Anti – Corruption and Public Complaint Commission in the person of Barrister Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado.

Young and Intellectually endowed full of vigour, fearless and dedicated was assigned to be the boss of the board which the government which was established to serve as the state own institution that is a shoulder with responsibilities of fighting corruption and settle a financially related dispute with a strong mandate to ensure a common man can have alternative means of seeking justice no matter how powerful the person or organizations that deprived him of having what is due to him based on law and fair judgment.

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Corruption has indeed been a stumbling block to the development of our dear nation and the major priority of this administration and all others before it is to curtail and destroy this catastrophic menace that is making us a laughing stock in the eyes of the global world.
It is quite ironic and shameless scenario that our dear nation is always rank among the top leading corruption induced nations despites the assumed or nonchalant and non-committal attitude towards making their efforts a reality based on a self-seeking search of ill-gotten wealth and blindfolded desire to amass wealth at the detriment of the millions of its citizen.

It has been like that since the demise of the first set of our leaders who dedicated their whole to ensure the country was set free from the clutches of colonial administration and subsequently succeeded due to their selfless sacrifice that would never be forgotten.

When he was appointed to head the agency it has been reliably gathered that His Excellency utters a word that exposed his confidence and uttermost unshakeable believed and trust in that youth who is eager to make his mark and live a lasting legacy. He said and I quote ‘Muhuyi that place is not working, go and make it work” and with that simple but heavenly burden statement, the then newly appointed Chairman set the ball rolling and today the agency is indeed working.

His inbuilt quench of creating a legacy by righting the wrong, coupled with supreme intellectual acumen, courage, exceptional zeal and determination which is banded by his fearless nature and fear of God as his guiding principle, the youthful Chairman has now turned the agency into an object of emulation and globally acknowledged as authentic anti-corruption agency manned by honest and efficient personnel who are honestly handling activities of the agency with an alien – to – our culture professionalism, beret of corruption, compromise or external influence.

And this unique achievement can be attributed to the effective and efficient leadership of Barrister Muhuyi whose profile and reputation is daily been raising going by the appreciations and commendations that is pouring out from the state populace, the nation and even the advanced global community which has noticed and applaud his uncommon zeal in fighting corruption and defending the defenseless.

There is no gainsaying the fact that our society is generally in mess due to the high level of corruption and injustice been daily inflicted on those who are less privilege by the evil-minded powerful few who master the art of manipulating the law enforcement agency and even the rotten judges due corruption induced nature of our society.

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Part of corruption which has eaten deep into our collective psyche with government workers and political office holders scrambling for any opportunity of grabbing their hands into what has shamelessly and unfortunately been refers to as ‘National cake ‘, there also an in forcing injustice been concocted and designed by the powerful individuals against weak and powerless who have no means, power or backing of influential people.

It is a common sight in our nation to powerful or rich individuals wrongly and unlawfully seizes or takes possession of the property of less privileges and walk away with shoulder-high due to the catastrophic cankerworm of corruption which has pitifully penetrated our law enforcement agency and even the secured judicial system.

To rob commoner openly with a confidential aura by the powerful and influential has for long become an order of the day in our society which claimed to be under democratic dispensation where protecting and safeguarding people lives and property of the people is the major essences of its existence. For it is supposed to be a government of the people by the people, who are the ones constitutionally assigned with right, freedom and privilege to choose their leaders through an electoral process. But the reserve is the case in our part of the world.

But Barrister Muhuyi is without any Iota of doubts one of the very few Nigerians who are exhibiting courage, zeal, determination and extraordinary fearless nature in the discharge of their duty. Prior to his elevation to the position, the agency was simply a mere ineffective establishment that is just there by name with no one giving it a second look and considered it as a wasted agency where taxpayers money was simply been wasted in maintaining its structure and the general staff.

It was even be considered as a mere tool of siphoning people collective wealth in disguise and wasting of the public treasury for the benefits of a selected few.

But since his coming on board, the learned Barrister has changed the notion and interpretation of the agency by the general public. In fact, it has now turned in to a dreadful outfit whose penchant for justice and efficient service is uncontested and unquestionable. It is on record that several government officials who were summarily dismissed or sent packing from their position were as a result of confidential findings of the staff of the agency who mastered the act of uncovering a disguise or open stealing of public treasury entrusted to them. Some were even prosecuted and their properties seized, while many returned the loot and sent parking. One glaring fact about it is the fact that they are from the same ruling party and appointed by His Excellency.

But Muhuyi is enjoying unhindered support and free access to His Excellency who gave him an order to execute his task without Interference or display of external influence no matter in the individual involved. Knowing how His Excellency dessert corruption and its practice, it won’t surprise political analyst and curious observers that the agency is chunking out achievements upon achievements in the discharge of their assigned responsibilities.

And the youthful Chairman is indeed lucky and blessed to have efficient, honest and dedicated personnel who are making tremendous efforts in ensuring the purpose of creating the agency has since been justified.

The Chairman way of handling issues of the agency would confuse an observer to perceive that the agency is been run by professional police, detective or security measures expertise as its the norm in the country. It is well-known fact that the two most recognized agencies assigned with fighting corruption in the country; is the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and ( ICPC ) are all known to be having a serving or retired police officer as its boss since their inception. But to the amazement of all, this highly effective agency that is receiving commendation and accolades in terms of numerous awards from home and abroad is been headed by a learned Barrister.

That gave a clear indication that holding such a sensitive position in a sensitive organization of this nature, should not necessarily be an exclusive preserve for security agents. All it takes to succeed is a high level of intellectual acumen, bravery, a high sense of responsibility and incorruptible nature.

If I have my way and based on my observation and opinion which is for sure been shared by many, I may have advice the President to seek out the help of His Excellency Ganduje to lend him this extraordinary anti-corruption czar to head one of the two recognized anti-graft agency in the country. Though we would be one to miss his service at the State level, the sentiment would have forced people to beg the President to let him combine the two job, for no one would be in a clear mood if his Hero is taken away from his domain.

But the question my readers may like to seek an answer to is what makes Muhuyi different? Why people are daily hailing him? And above all why people are widely referring to him as a defender of the defenseless ?

Well to begin with, the Chairman is not just educationally and intellectually endowed, but also a brave and courageous personality whose quench for seeking a remedy to the oppressed and ensuring corruption-free society is unquestionable. Moreover, he is honest and incorruptible which made him a rare species among the teeming populace of our state and the entire nation.

In fact, the fear of Muhuyi is the beginning of wisdom among the corrupt elements and undesirable elements that derived immense pleasure in defrauding people who are not powerful to retrieve their hard-earned fortunate or crooks who are engaged in cybercrime.

With due respect to other security agencies, people nowadays prepared to table their case in the commission knowing full well that they would surely receive justice and fair treatment without giving out any incentives to anyone.

That is why the man is now been hail with a popular Hausa slogan that is fast becoming popular by the day as ” Gatan mara gata’ which literally mean a “Defender of the defenseless”.

The man proved himself to be an active, energetic and tireless leader with focus and unrivalled determination wrapped with a desire to leave a lasting legacy that would forever be cherished and remember with awe.

Since he assumed the mantle of leadership of such a sensitive agency, he has recorded successes in transforming the agency in terms of administrative style that has become a reference point and object of emulation by other arms of government. He was able to earn the respect and truth of the teeming populace of the state with downtrodden and neglected have not rushed on daily basis to seek justice on the injustice meted out on them.

The anti-corruption czar is also bold enough in confronting every organization or person no matter how powerful in order to fish out the corrupt elements no matter the amount of power, influence or connection they might have in their kitty. Several incidents are abounded to justify the claims.

Then the sudden COVID-19 saga which has frightened and destabilized the usual and natural setting of the global world, a pandemic that has become the greatest catastrophe ever witnessed, which led to the global lockdown.

Kano State was no exception to this unfortunate occurring and due to inhuman and poverty of conscience of certain privileged few, prizes of essential commodities such as food items overnight skyrocketed due to evil concocted designed of some evil-minded whose major preoccupation is to enrich themselves at the detriment of the teeming populace.

The very first day the government relaxed the Lockdown to enable people stock food items and other essential items, the prize of those commodities double or in some cases triple the original prizes. People were left at the mercy of those businessmen who extorted them to their narrow bonds. Pity enough, we are left with no choice but to succumb to monopolistic extortion.

As the outpouring of complaints took over, the fearless chairman decided to investigate from source and discovered that the major supplying companies didn’t add a dime in their original prices.

The fearless Czar descended on them with his trademark incorruptible nature and automatically takes control of the situation. He started with attacking hidden satanic stores reserved to hoard goods to create scarcity and subsequent dirty huge profits anticipated when reopen.

Then gathered all the marketers and told them the bitter truth on his readiness to arrest and prosecute any offender in respective of his status. Having known his tracking record and incorruptible nature, they were left with no choice but to hide their face in shame and reluctantly decided to reverse to the old prizes.

The commoners who are a victim of any form of financial victimization now found solace in the arms of fearless Muhuyi. Several testimonies are daily been chunk out through all media where powerless are telling the world how the agency was able to retrieve their lawful monies or properties from the hands of presumed powerful people who hitherto thought and behave as untouchables.

And most glaring and awesome part of this commendable effort of the agency is the confession of those who were able to get their properties back, which in some cases run into hundreds of millions of naira, land, houses and other valuable, the fact that none has ever been asked to give out any monetary gratifications prior to or after the conclusion of their cases.

A rare achievements that is been hailed, acknowledge and commended by everyone. Honesty has been cemented as a cardinal principle of the agency, a cardinal rule which is a boundary that no one dare cross and everyone has to adhere to the rules and have all been totally assimilated.

What a man of destiny! The entire teeming populace of our state are applauding and commending your efforts. You have indeed proved to the world that our youth are ready to put their name in gold and naturally raised our hope for a better Nigeria.

You proved to be one of those we would always crave to have in the mantle of leadership. Be rest assured your Political future is bright, glittering with anticipated support that would always be there for u. A rare commodity indeed.

Respect to the defender of the defenceless, the voice of the voiceless.

Shariff Aminu Ahlan is a lecturer at Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Kano. 08034533848 09084305448

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