The Hon. Hafiz Kawu you don’t know-Bashir Suwaid

(L-R) Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Hon. Hafisu Kawu

We have been friends with Honorable Hafiz Kawu on Facebook for so long but we’ve never met until last year, even though we live in the same area, Tarauni local government area, Kano State and also share some mutuals.

I only see him from a distance and judge as someone that is intellectual and promising more especially his days as Personal Assistant to the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, he did a lot to his people because whenever you hear Hafizu the next that follows is ‘offer’.

On the other hand, people around see him as someone that is not accommodating and Magisterial which is why I had to step back a little and take an honest look of things before proceeding to meet him, despite efforts from a friend, Mubarak Hamisu who happens to be his Confidant and super Legislative Aide.

Reason for meeting him was because I was working on a project with a company, Metallic Green Consultants based in the United Kingdom and as their country representative, I decided to bring the project to my local government, therefore, we had to apply for a grant in other to carry out the solar projects within the area which included the eradication of carbon emissions, thus we needed Honorable Hafiz Kawu’s approval and support.

Upon approaching him, the first question he asked was “Are my people going to benefit from this project? If no please I do not want to hear it”. What he said left us all amazed because unlike other politicians, Hafiz Kawu put the people’s interests before personal gains.

I then realized that it was all fabrications that were being spread about him as someone that is pompous which left me with no option than to start respecting and admiring him deeply because of his good abilities and qualities.

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From that very day, whenever I hear people complaining about him I ask them if they are saying it out of hatred or peer pressure because I’m sure if they get to know him, they will only praise him. I am a living witness!

I always tell people confidently, to approach him with anything and the first thing he’ll tell you is “what are my people benefitting from it” which most of them have come back, telling me how beautiful it is that in this generation, we still have politicians like Hafiz Kawu that put people’s interest first.

I was with him at his office one time discussing when his colleagues and some high personalities came in, so I decided to excuse them but Honorable insisted I stay. I then moved to the other part of the office waiting for him to finish.

I couldn’t help overhearing their conversations so I am here telling you that wallahi if by any chance we lose Honorable then Tarauni is finished.

There are many good developments about to kick off for his dear local government and his people. He was on the phone the other day and all he was saying is “Allah yasa wanda aka kai ministry dinnan mutum neh mey taimako saboda inason al’umma na suyi ta samun aiki and good things in life”.  I felt so happy hearing that and was fully assured that we’ve chosen the best for ourselves.

He is the best thing that has ever happened to Tarauni Local Government which is why I strongly advise that we keep praying for him in other to keep up with the good work and wherever there’s a mistake or a little advice, we can always contact him because he’s very accessible.

A simple search on google will get you his phone number because he’s always open for corrections and advice. Call him once and he’ll pick,  listen to you & also thank you for pointing out the mistake.

Please tell me any other politician in the whole of Nigeria that is this available to his people.

Bashir Suwaid, Special Adviser to Honourable Hafiz Kawu on Media/Youths and Empowerments and can be reached at

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