Blasphemy: Replace French language with Arabic in Kano public schools-Coalition urges Ganduje

Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje

The Kano State Coalition of Ulama and NGOs have called on the state government to as a matter of urgency replace the teaching of French with that of Arabic in all public schools and disengage all Frenchmen at the services of the State Government such as in sports and others.

The Coalition comprising of Ulama and Muslim Academics came up with this decision after conducting a public lecture to demonstrate its disapproval and condemnation of the accursed French actions towards Islam and Muslims in recent times.

This was contained in a communique issued at the end of the lecture signed by Dr Saidu Ahmad Dukawa, Organizing Secretary and sent to Solacebase on Sunday.

Solacebase reports that more than 17 Islamic and Academic Scholars attended the lecture held at Alfruqan Mosque in Kano.

‘’The cartoons/caricature which the French history teacher mocked his Muslim students with are in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as it affects the right to choice of religion, ‘’the coalition observed in the communique.

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‘’The French President, Emanuel Macron, was not only insensitive of the feelings and sensibilities of the six million Muslims in France, and by extension that of the close to two billion Muslims worldwide, but his action is also acrimonious, hateful, venomous and vile; and the subsequent crackdown on mosques and Muslim schools in France by Macron is tantamount to matching words with action that Macron and his administration are all out to fight Muslims.’’

It said the Coalition commends Kano State Government for its swift action in renaming “France Road” and replacing name with Madina Road, that indicates the state government disapproval to blasphemy.

The Coalition, in the communique,  called on the United Nations to prevail upon its agencies as well as international NGOs to desist from supporting all acts of blasphemy and to caution them that freedom of speech does not extend to infringement on other people’s faith.

It urged Muslims worldwide to consider Macron and his administration as paragons of Islamophobia

‘’Muslims should re-affirm their faith in, and love of, prophet Muhammad (Upon Whom is Peace) and should strive to spread his message and character of mercy and peace, be steadfast in prayer that may Allah (The All Mighty) deal with the likes of Macron and all those who support him, directly or indirectly, in the same manner, He dealt with earlier enemies of the Prophet (Upon Whom is Peace)

‘’The Coalition supports and affirms its loyalty to all Muslim leaders who expressed condemnation with the actions of Macron and his administration and calls for continuous prayer for them. Muslims should always be ready to protect the honour and sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (Upon Whom is Peace) through all peaceful and lawful means including boycotting French products as well as their economic, financial and political interests until France is pulled down to its knees.’’

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