Organized labour suspends strike in Kwara

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Organised Labour in Kwara on Friday suspended the three-day strike to protest non-implementation of N30,000 minimum wage for all categories of workers in the state.

Labour movement consisting the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Negotiating Council (JNC-TUS), in a statement jointly signed by their Chairmen, Aliyu Isa Ore, Ezekiel A Adegoke and Saliu O Suleiman respectively, directed workers to resume work on Monday, October 19.

The statement was titled ‘suspension of the strike’.

It reads: “The leadership of the labour movement in Kwara state, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress TUC ) and Joint Negotiating Council (JNC-TUS) after due consultation and the intervention of well-meaning Kwarans on the on-going strike and the readiness of the state government to shift ground on the new minimum wage.

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Also to pave way for the minimum wage committee to meet and conclude for signing and implementation to all categories of workers of the state, local government and pensioners, resolved as follows:

“To suspend the on-going strike action to pave way for the final conclusion of the new wage in Kwara state

“Urge every worker to return work as from Monday 19th October 2020

“That no worker irrespective of the Grade level should be harassed, intimidated, molested or victimised as a result of taken part in the strike as the leaders of the labour movement will not take such lightly

“That we will not hesitate to call you back to action in case of any failure of on the part of the state government as regard the minimum wage.”


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