RE-Marafa must pullout stooges in Zamfara PDP govt if he wants APC – Jaji

Hon. Bello Soja Bakyasuwa

By Bello Soja Bakyasuwa

I recently read very keenly, a statement made by a former member of the House of Representatives Hon. Aminu Sani Jaji who is being referred to as APC Chieftain in Zamfara State or rather let me say ‘A Chieftain of Abdulazeez Yari’.

During the interview, Hon. Jaji gave conditions under which Senator Marafa should be accommodated into the APC.

He believed that “the first step to accommodating Marafa in the party at the state level should be that he must withdraw those he allegedly planted into the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) government in the state.”

One word I found very interesting in his statement was ‘ALLEGEDLY’… Which perhaps indicated to me indeed Hon. Jaji does not even know what he was talking about and by commission or omission does not deserve to be addressed as APC Chieftain because he was clearly speaking for Yari.

From what I see, Hon. Jaji confused loyalty and partnership; the fact that people in the PDP admired Senator Marafa doesn’t mean they are his stooges.

I think you need to begin to understand that politics is not only about what party you belong to as far as the electorates are a concern, it’s about the people’s want, therefore it is rather misleading for Hon. Jaji to jump into the conclusion that Senator Marafa planted stooges in the Zamfara PDP simply because you see the people are with him regardless of their political party.

It is however important for me to clarify the facts that Senator Marafa is still in APC and will always be in APC regardless of the blackmail against him.

Another thing is talking about accommodating Senator Marafa into the APC, I really found it curious to ask, what Hon. Jaji mean by accommodating Senator Marafa? As if he is someone who is just coming into the party.

Therefore, I see no reason why conditions would be given to how Senator Marafa should be accommodated into the party.

Hon. Jaji needs to understand that the people of Zamfara state are watching and they will not seat back to watch people like him a rubber stamp their political freedom because, personally I believe that whenever an individual or group of Individuals are denied access to justice, the mind naturally becomes imbalanced, the greater the injustice, the greater the Imbalance and this facility of political freedom raging frustration can be quenched and abated!



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