Shehu Rabiu : The Passage of purity- Bala Ibrahim

Late Shehu Rabiu

By Bala Ibrahim

For the people of Kano, particularly the business community, yesterday, Saturday, August the 8th, was another day of irreparable loss. The loss of Alhaji Shehu Rabiu, younger brother to late Khalifa Sheik Isyaku Rabiu.

The dictionary describes purity as freedom from adulteration or contamination, but in giving that definition, methinks the dictionary had the late Alhaji Shehu Rabiu in mind.

If you know Alhaji Shehu Rabiu, or ever met Alhaji Shehu Rabiu, you necessarily must have witnessed three peculiar things about him-the purity of mind, the generosity of smile and physical clinical cleanliness in appearance.

Akaramakallahu as we always call him, was clinically clean in appearance, clinically clean in interactions, clinically clean in mind and clinically clean in spirituality. He was ever eager to extend a helping hand or express good concern, in a way that would uplift the Human spirit of his friends and associates. Yes, late Shehu Rabiu had high regards for fellow Human beings.

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If modesty means being unassuming, then late Shehu Rabiu had lived the life of a modest person, that refused to give meaning, regards or respect to arrogance. If simplicity means being easy-going or easy to understand, then late Shehu Rabiu had lived the life of a simple man, that was very plain and completely uncomplicated.

If humbleness means being unpretentious, then late Shehu Rabiu had lived a humble life that was very free from pretext or unnecessary brag.

Except for those who know him, or you happen to pick from resemblance, you hardly can say he is the younger brother of the late Khalifa Isyaka Rabiu, or an uncle to billionaire Abdussamad Rabiu, the chairman of the famous BUA group. This is because his life was characterized by humility, crystal cleanliness, customary fashion, quietness and the ever exuberance of happiness.

In his message of condolence to the Rabiu family and the people of Kano state, President Muhammadu Buhari rightly described the late Shehu Rabiu as, “an institution in his field”, and was quick in praying to Allah, the Almighty, to forgive his sins and commit his soul to the best of the heavens, Ameen.

Indeed Alhaji Shehu Rabiu was an institution not just in commerce, but Human embodiment of self-respect and respect for his creator. Every time he leads in prayers, and all the times we prayed together, Shehu Rabiu was the leader, he had the habit of reciting verses that are full of praises for God, and he recites them with sweet, sober and saintly melodies, that encourages everyone to be more dutiful indeed, and dedicatedly devoted to the diety.

As he lived a Godly, clean and pure life, may Allah extend such purity to his grave, and ultimately make Jannatul Firdaus be his final abode. May Allah also give his family and friends, particularly Alhaji Mustapha Garba(AMG), through whom I came to know him, the fortitude to bear the loss. Ameen.

Bala Ibrahim, a Media Advisor writes from Abuja.


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