PHOTOS: Heavy downpour slows down business activities in Kano

Murtala Mohammed way by Kano Club in the metropolis.

Kano the centre of commerce and the hub of commercial activities in northern Nigeria is witnessing a heavy down that started in the early hours of Thursday.

The heavy downpour that started around 7.15 am is still on as at the time of filing this report at exactly 2.30 pm.

Solacebase reports that with the rain, the weather condition has been hovering between 20c and 22c.

Although the situation slightly affected commercial activities especially, artisans working by the roadside, traders, roadside food vendors and construction workers.

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Ibrahim Yahya, a Vulcanizer on Murtala Muhammad way by Kano Club said he has not made any money since morning due to the rainfall as there was a reduction in vehicular movement.

Nkechi Paul, a roadside food vendor on airport road, by King’s garden said though she could not arrange her tables and chairs for her customers to sit and be served, she has been taking foods to some of the technicians around the vicinity.

‘’The sale is low my brother due to the rainfall as you can see, the food is still much but there is no customer, ”said Nkechi.

Also, the commercial banks are open to customers, there are few customers under canopies provided by the banks as only a little number are allowed in at a time in line with the COVID-19 rule of avoiding crowd, while many shops were closed.


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