Federal Poly Nasarawa: One year after Dr Abdullahi Al- Hassan’s appointment-Farouk Maigari

Dr. Abdullahi Al-Hassan Ahmed Rector of Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa

By: Farouk Maigari

‘’ With all modesty and by the special grace of God, we have been working earnestly since our coming on board in the last one year to sustain, consolidate and improve on the developments we met on  ground to further develop the Institution, ‘’Dr Abdullahi Al- Hassan.

Dr Abdullahi Al-Hassan is determined to further develop the Polytechnic so as to create a conducive environment for research, teaching and learning.

Accordingly, he has identified and prioritized the major challenges facing the Polytechnic, and he has taken the bull by the horn in addressing these challenges among which include:

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  1. Restoration of Peace and Stability:

Peace, which is paramount for any meaningful development to take place was restored by him immediately on assumption of duty. This singular achievement gave room and atmosphere for other activities to be carried out perfectly.

The effort in restoring peace was aptly captured by the institution august Visitor, the Honourable Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu in his speech during the Institution’s last combined 9th Convocation Ceremony where he asserted that: ‘I am aware that the Polytechnic is a peaceful one. It is to the credit of the Acting Rector and the entire Polytechnic that they have been able to arrest the drift and restore stability, peace and order to the Institution. I commend him and his management team …’

  1. The Hosting of the Combined 9th Convocation Ceremony:

This convocation ceremony has lingered for years, as the last ceremony was hosted in 2013. Dr Abdullahi Al- Hassan’s administration was able to host the convocation ceremony on 30th June 2018, exactly, five (5) months after assumption of office as the Acting Rector.

Over 20,000 graduands graduated comprising of the 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016  and 2016/2017 academic year.

With   this   development,   the polytechnic has no single backlog of graduands awaiting convocation.

iii. The Completion of the Construction and Furnishing of the Administrative Block Extension: Office accommodation for some principal officers was among major challenge. Surprisingly, the two (2) deputy rectors appointed had no offices.

In this regard, effort was made to complete the administrative block extension through the institution IGR, to provide more offices.

  1. Rehabilitation of the entire  Administrative  Block and Landscaping:  The  entire  Administrative  Block  was equally rehabilitated and landscaped to give it a facelift and a conducive environment.
  1. Complete Rehabilitation of Students’ Hostel: Students hostels were in a dilapidated condition, at the time Dr. Abdullahi Al- Hassan took over as Rector.

Accordingly,  his administration succeeded in rehabilitating the  hostels for the comfort  of the students.

Power, water and toilet problems were thoroughly addressed.

  1. Procurement/Rehabilitation of Classroom/Laboratory Furniture:

More furniture were procured for the classrooms and  laboratories to  address  the acute shortage the institution were experiencing, which consequentially was hindering effective teaching and learning, and our admission capacity.

vii. Rehabilitation and Equipping of the Polytechnic Clinic:

The Clinic facility was rehabilitated and cached with drugs for effective service delivery to staff, students and the  host community. With this development, revenue is being generated from the services being rendered in the Clinic, with  which we will continue to maintain the  Clinic and provide essential facilities.

viii. Procurement   and   Installation   of   a   new 500KVA  Transformer:

As at the time Dr. Abdullahi came on board, one of the  power transformers that services the Academic area was faulty, hence affecting the power supply in the Polytechnic. We have since procured and Installed a brand new 500KVA transformer in the polytechnic.

  1. Provision of Students’ Transportation To and Fro the Students’ Village and the Permanent Site as well as within the Campus:

Transporting students from the students hostels to the campus for lectures was a grave problem, as there were no means of transportation except the few commercial buses that charge exorbitant fares.

In this case, buses were provided through an arrangement with Abuja Transport Authority as an interim measure. And already, Dr Abdullahi’s administration has secured approval from  TeTfund to procure a Marcopolo Bus for the students.

Also as the campus is fast-growing, there was a problem of transportation, especially for motorcycles.

Accordingly, the arrangement was made with the motorcycle riders, and they now have regulated commercial motorcycles in the campus.

  1. Repair of Potholes to make the Roads Motorable:

The institution has repaired the potholes on roads, to make it motorable and ease the sufferings of those plying the roads.

  1. Provision of Identity Cards for Staff and Students: The issue of identity cards for staff and students has remained a major challenge in the Polytechnic, such that some of the students graduated without being provided with ID cards. Dr Abdullahi have since addressed this challenge.


Within a few months on the saddle of activities, the first indigenous rector of the host community was able to attract the following funds and interventions:

(a) Secure the release of AIP for the merged normal intervention to 2014, 2015 and 2016 for TETFUND.

(b) Secure the release of fund for the execution of merged normal intervention for the period.

(c) Secure zonal intervention for the supply of furniture as well as procurement of library books.

(d)  Secure the release of research grants.

(e) Secure the release of grant for fabrication.

(f) Attract collaboration from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria for BSc in all Engineering Courses of which resource visitation has already been conducted by ABU Research Persons).

(g) The institution is in fruitful discussion with PTDF, NCC and CBN for their direct intervention in our various activities.

(h) He ensured the release of funds for staff training and development.

(i) He also ensured the release of funds for conferences/workshop for staff.


Seeing is believing:














1200 Capacity Lecture Theatre


School of Engineering Academic Staff Office Complex

Workshop/Studio for Civil Engineering

Engineering Staff Office Complex – Block C

Farouk Maigari, a public analyst writes from Kano.

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