Kabiru Alhassan Rurum: Still the master of the game

Kabiru Alhassan Rurum

By Aminu Sheriff Ahlan

The member representing Rano/Bunkure/Kibiya at the House of Representatives, Kabiru Alhassan Rururm is a unique, humble, intellectually endowed and extraordinary personality who is daily proving himself to be a worthy representative, who deserved to be cherished and admired as one of the very best brain presently occupying an exalted seat as a representative at the National Assembly.

The last time I wrote an article on him in the Newspaper, I captioned it with a title of “AN AUTHENTIC POLITICAL MASTER OF THE GAME”, with deep conviction and sincere belief that the man deserve the title and was not Influenced with mere illusion or fantasy of the writer who is bent on praising his subject.

Rather it is a clear description of a man who has displayed an awesome and admiring mastery of the game of politics to the delight of political watchers. Not even his chronic enemies or political opponents can dispute the fact that the man is indeed a politician that is immensely gifted and blessed with indisputable superior knowledge of politics and its intrigues.

History would always remember a political hurricane that erupted at Kano State House of Assembly sometimes back when he was sitting on the top seat as a Speaker.

A raging battle which lately consumed dethroned Emir Muhammadu Sunusi II was about to commence then and some disgruntled politicians from both blocks connived to blackmail and tarnished the image of the member with unfounded and baseless allegations levelled against him that centred on collecting financial inducement from a wealthy citizen of the state to truncate and abandon an investigation of the former emir based on a strong petition of reckless, unaccounted and suspicious financial transaction as regards to the account of the state Emirate council.

They concocted the baseless accusations against him with the sole aim of destroying his political career that is bright and flourishing.

Kabiru Alhassan Rururm’s response to the attack was admiring and widely acknowledged as a smart and dignified move which was alien to our political culture where an accused Politician sitting on powerful position hold on it with uncanny desperation to ensure they have an upper hand of being the judge of their own cases.

But the man vacated the seat to give room for fair hearing and creation of a conducive atmosphere of proper and unhindered investigation. A historic move that draws applause and commendation from all and sundry.

In the end, the man was cleared after a discovery made by the dignified members of the committee assigned with the responsibilities of digging the truth behind the allegations. The findings revealed the whole scenario as a hoax with no iota of truth..

The man moved on as an ordinary member with zeal and strong determination to excel and continue to hold to his uncontaminated support and loyalty to his Excellency the Governor.

Events that unfolded later on led to the removal of the then-new speaker, Yusuf Abdullahi Ata who was holding the exalted position after Kabiru Alhassaan Rurum vacated the seat during the unfortunate saga. Allegations levelled against the new speaker then brought an end to the man’s reign.

As it is the trend all over, the search for a new speaker goes on earnest, and the ideal replacement was found on the former speaker,  whom the members were accustomed to his extraordinary style of leadership coupled with the trust they had on his ability and perfect mastery of the accommodating, tireless and unrivalled efficiency of handling the seat.

He, therefore, left a historic reference of being the first Speaker who voluntarily vacated the seat and later reclaimed it, in one Political dispensation of four years term. A rare achievement reserved for those with authentic mastery of the political game.

During the last election, the man decided to seek for higher responsibilities that would open door for him to be in the upper chamber where his impact would be better felt.

And his humanistic tendency that is a product of his golden heart which was bestowed with a desire to better the lives of his people had already created an irrevocable bond with people of his constituency. He consequently got his people’s mandate and became an elected member in the National chamber.

As the saying goes; a golden fish has no hiding place, the man-made an instant impact in his first coming by distinguishing himself by proving scholarship to about 600 students.

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Within a blink of eyes, he became a cynosure of all eyes with his eloquent and insightful delivery that is delight to watch. He got a powerful position of Chairman of an important committee. A clear testimony of the confidence the house reposed on him.

I expect no argument or confrontation if I made a claim that the State, Nation and people of his constituency are now benefitting immensely from his worthy and commendable representation.

An at this critical worsening frightening situation where the entire world was padlocked by a novel disease called COVID19, which has landed millions into untold hardship, no one can dispute the fact that many politicians with an exalted position, are distancing themselves from the masses by isolating themselves in their costly and affluent mansion, wallowing in goodies with their families so that the vulnerable in the society would not disturb them with their needs

Alhassan Rurum happens to be one of those rare politicians that has been dolling out assistance to the people of his constituency, downtrodden and other vulnerable irrespective of their political affiliations.

The entire people of the state are daily praising and pouring out accolades and commendation to this humble, honest, amiable, intellectually endowed, indisputable and authentic master of the political game.

A future leader that has written his name in Gold. Be rest assured the entire people would line behind you in every future position you may seek to serve your people.


Aminu Sheriff Ahlan, a Public Affairs Analyst writes from Kano.