JUST IN : Kano Records First COVID-19 Case

Kano State on Saturday recorded a confirmed COVID-19 case.

A top government source told Solacebase, that the patient is a retired technocrat who returned from Lagos.

Presently, the state governor is in a meeting with health officials so as to inform the public officially.

Also a Media Aide to the  State Governor, Saliu Tanko Yakasai confirmed the situation on his verified tweeter handle.



  1. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji un.Yaa Allah protect and have Mercy on the people of Kano State and the entire Nation amin yaa Rahmaan.

  2. Allah ya kare kano da al’ umar kano baki daya.
    amma ya kamata a kara tsanantawa a dukkan iyakokinmu da sauran jihohi, musamman wadanda suke da tarihin wannan annoba ta covid 19

  3. Subhanallah, Ya Allah grant peace and mercy upon Muslim ummah, guide and protect us against this disease

  4. Lahaula Walaquwat!!! Subhanallah!!!
    May Almighty Allah have mercy on people of Kano State, Nigeria and all over the world on this deadly Corona Virus. Protect us and our beloved family

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