Coronavirus, Our Perception


By Gazzali Ibrahim Haruna

In this society of ours no matter how important something is or serious people tend to joke with it, the world is in a state of a pandemic but most people are taking it as if is just a mere heresy, some are busy misleading the society that coronavirus is just a propaganda to my greatest shock now our celebrities are now authorities in the health sector to confirm wither a disease is a serious national issue not, it is pathetic and a serious threat in our society, if this act continues to happen as lives, will be endangered.

For these few days since the first reported case of Coronavirus in Wuhan China, I have been observing from behind the scene of many activities happening within and outside this country online and some inter-personally, I just put on a big lens on my eyes just capturing the events and analyzing it from afar, I have learnt a lot!

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On the recent issues of Coronavirus, I understand that in this country or in Africa, in general, we have three categories of people “The Learned, The Confused and The Unfortunate ones”, I do not mean by mentioning the learned I mean everybody that has a formal education because in our society the way people behave, you can find people with formal education at all levels above.

In our continent, mostly formal education do not completely change a person because there are lots of malfunctions in the system which needed to be addressed and the way the country is governed in general.

Coronavirus is real, just because you are not seeing the forefront effect of it in your community or your country, that does not mean that Covid-19 is just propaganda, one day if we are not lucky a pandemic will begin from our communities we will joke about it and we will pay the price dearly.

One painful thing is that an Imam will just seat and start condemning things with just his perception and with local thinking, in today’s society an uneducated celebrity is now an authority just because he/she has a lot of people that like him/her and just think can state what is factual or not on matters of national disaster, appropriate authorities should take drastic actions on this being an entertainer does not give you the privilege to misled people to go other direction of a constituted authority’s directives.

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