Special Treatment For Doctors, Threat To Industrial Harmony-JOHESU

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The Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) says that the special treatment for the doctor is fueling industrial disharmony in the health sector.

The President of the Union, Mr Joy Josiah, made this known while addressing the House of Representatives Committee on Health Institutions at the public hearing on Tuesday in Abuja.

He said that members of the union make up 95 per cent of the workforce in the sector but their income was nothing to write home compared to other countries.

He said that the doctors who represented only five per cent of the workforce in the sector had numerous privileges.

Josiah explained that appointment as health minister or head of medical agencies had become the birthright of doctors.

According to him, it is said to be global best practices but that is not true as U.K, United States, Ghana, Botswana all had minister’s that are not doctors.

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He blamed the imbalance in the sector on the Teaching Hospital Degree 10 of 1985 under the regime of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.

The president said that the doctor rose to salary Grade Level 17 but that was not the same case for members of other professionals in the sector.

He said that at entry-level, doctors were placed on salary Grade Level 12 while other professionals were placed on salary Grade Level 10.

Josiah said that only doctors rose to become Chief Medical Directors and that board members of Federal Health Institutions had seven doctors out of the 13 members.

According to him, the lowest rang doctor earns more than a director who is of other professions in the sector.

The president said that all efforts to correct the abnormally had been frustrated by medics doctors.

He said that only doctors got trained and retrained while other professionals were left out of developing their knowledge.

According to him, other professionals are not allowed to head their departments; all departments are headed by doctors.

The union recommended that appointments in the health sector should be made to reflect fairness.

Earlier, the Chairman of the committee, Rep. Pascal Obi (AA-Imo) said that the committee was out to ensure peace in the sector.

He said that the committee would do all it takes to ensure health institutions functioned optimally to the benefit of all Nigerians.

The committee then went into a closed session with the union to further address the issues raised.(NAN)


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