Kannywood Will Soon Attract Huge Investment To Entertainment Sector- Nasiru Naba

Kannywood Actor, Nasiru Naba

Nasiru Bello Sani popularly known as Nasiru Naba is a film producer as well as an actor in Kannywood film industry. The young versatile actor recently emerged as a winner of the best supporting actor in the jus concluded city People award held in Lagos. In this interview with Solacebase Correspondent, Iro Danmusa  the actor speaks about his raise to stardom, the future of Kannywood and many more-:

Tell us a little about yourself

I was born and brought up in Kano state and as it is a tradition with the region, I acquired my Islamic knowledge within my locality. I also did all my conventional studies in Kano state to the level of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. I am 32 years old.

I was a businessman before venturing into the movie-making industry as a producer and later became an actor.

Why did you venture into the movie-making industry?

Actually, what really caught my attention to the film making industry was the passion for the screen business not as a hobby but as a profession. As an Economist, I saw a lot of opportunities to invest and improve individuals per capita income through the opportunities the industry stands to offer. Initially, I ventured into it as a producer, but along the line, I found out that I have other things to offer to the industry as I discover my talent in acting.

That was how I became an actor as well as a producer of many movies within a short period of being in the industry. No doubt, I was considered a very lucky man for being recognized within a short period of time, I have many Hausa movie to my credit which I believe is a plus to my acting career as well as that of producing.

How would you express your first experience as an actor?

To be frank with you, It was not easy. Acting is not as simple as it may look like because it entails a lot of courage, bravery and ability to interpret words into action. When I first started, it was like being on a hot seat in a hot room, but gradually I was able to master it all and here I am today.

How many films have you starred in so far?

Well! It will be very difficult to tell you exactly how many movies I have featured in right now. However, in the estimate, I can say I have featured in more than 20 films; some as a supporting actor and some as a lead actor. Moreover, I have also produced a lot of films most of which are either making a wave in the market or have made waves in the market over the years.

Similarly, I was the executive producer of the film ‘Karkara, A Rayuwa, Jarabta’ and so many others.  I was the lead actor as well as supporting actor in some other movies like ‘Wankan Gida, Dakin Amarya, Takaddama, Ruwan Dare, Kalan Dangi, Tsalle Daya, Jidda and many more.

What was your friends and family’s reaction to your decision to join the movie industry?

Actually, my families and my friends knew my worth and capability; therefore, I faced no difficulty in getting them to support my choice of a profession. I enjoyed and still do enjoy a lot of goodwill wishes and prayers from them. In short, I have not experienced any form of discrimination on my choice from any of my relatives or friends.

However, on my part I have tried all that I can to protect my religion and tradition in the movies I acted in or produced. I also tried to keep to the rules and regulations governing the conduct of movie-making especially the Kannywood standard.

Can you tell us about your recent victory at the City People award?

It was indeed a historic moment for me and the entire Kannywood movie industry as one big family, being nominated and also emerging as the winner of the best supporting actor award has really made me proud of being part of the movie industry.

I, however, strongly believe that my victory will indeed mark a beginning of good days to come, I won the award based on the role I played in the movie ‘Takaddama’ produced by Alhaji  Sheshe. I am optimistic that this is the will of God, and I am grateful to God for making it possible for me to go this far.

Do you have any regret of being in the industry?

Actually I don’t; because this has been my chosen profession and I have voluntarily ventured into it with good intention as a means of earning a lawful survival. I am happy doing what I am doing as an actor and a producer, to God be the glory for making it possible for me to come this far in the industry within a short period.

Where do you see Kannywood in the next five years?

Kannywood has come of age; you will believe me when I say to you that, there are a lot of positive developments being achieved by the industry over the years. The industry has passed through a lot of metamorphoses to be where it is today, and we are all living witness to the remarkable achievements so far attained by the industry.

As a practitioner, I believe in a short period, Kannywood will begin to attract huge investment from outside and within the country. I am optimistic that, Kannywood will lead the entertainment industry not only in Nigeria but in the continent as a whole.


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