Creation Of Additional Emirates Will Broaden Development In Kano

Kano Integrity Group Chairman, Professor Abdul Salihi addressing Journalists

Kano Integrity Group (KIF), on Wednesday, expressed support for the creation of four new Emirate Councils in Kano.

In a press statement, jointly signed by Chairman of the group, Professor Abdul Salihi, alongside 12 other members, and sent to Solacebase contended that the creation of the additional Emirate Councils, will among others, serve the purpose of ensuring balanced development, particularly in terms of establishing more specialized health institutions, post-secondary institutions, as well as Agricultural Development Services centres.

The Chairman outlined other benefits of the creation, to include, an overwhelming socio-entrepreneurial growth, as well as uphold cultural and traditional heritage.

”The recent creation of new Emirate Councils in the State will serve the purpose of ensuring balanced development of the State, particularly, in terms of establishing more specialized health institutions, agricultural development service centres for overwhelming socio-entrepreneurial growth and uphold cultural and traditional heritage.

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”The Current Government in Kano State is fully committed to the reconstruction of the State and the Emirate Councils, considering the very glaring examples from our sister states, like, Jigawa, Yobe, Oyo and the Bauchi States. Whereby, the creation of new Emirates did not ignite tension, as it did in that of Kano.”

To this end, the Integrity Forum hailed the Kano State Government for the giant stride and taking the Bull by the horn by creating the four new Emirate Councils, all in its bid to transform Kano to a lot more modern state, not only in the eyes of Nigerians but to the entire global population.

”Understandably concur, with appreciation that the Kano State Government has now followed due process in creating the enabling law for the creation of the new Emirate Councils. Notes, with appreciation that the Kano State Government, in its progressive spirit has initiated many important projects in various locations in the state, accommodating peoples democratic needs and aspirations.”

Similarly, the forum submitted that the advantages of the creation of new Emirates surpass the disadvantages, considering, among others, the creation of unlimited job opportunities, establishing of Higher Institutions of Learning and agricultural development.

Others include, the transformation of remote villages to cities, addressing the huge security challenges, as well as bringing the common man closer to the government.

”Understands, with concern that the population of Kano State is evidently skyrocketing, hence the apparent need for more Emirates to decongest Kano city.”

”On the other hand, there are opponents of the creation of the new Emirates, whose priority is focused on retaining the status quo at all cost, irrespective of the enormous potential for the development of the State, in the aspects of Science and Technology, demography and Geography. They believe in history, but not live with history. They are committed to preserving history but history can only be preserved to a certain extent. They also seem to believe that laws should be enacted or interpreted to satisfy their will, which is not the popular will of the people of Kano State.”

Finally, the Forum called on the new Emirate Councils to give maximum support to the Kano State Council of Chiefs Chairman, Malam Muhammad Sanusi II to promote unity among the entire Kano community.

”The Forum remains committed to continuing development and active participation of the community, especially, the traditional institutions, which has now been decentralized to for effective implementation and coordination of Government policies and programmes.”