Adam A. Zango And Northern Hypocrisy

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Adam A. Zango

By Abubakar Isa Bakori

It is really disgusting to see this level of hypocrisy displayed by our people in northern Nigeria over what I called Adam A. Zango’s Scholarship saga.

 When the story broke out that Adam A Zango earmarked 46 million naira to sponsor about 101 less privileged students, people received the news with mixed feelings.

Some uphold the view that Adam A. Zango has no financial capability to donate such a huge amount of money.

Others believed and even commended the gesture. Its’ astonishing to note that some people have already launched a campaign in discrediting the project.

Despite all these, the principal of the school made it clear to the public that it is true Adam. A Zango paid the money. Not only that, even the Zaria Emirate Council attested to it, that the project is a reality because 40 slots were given to the Emirate.

 However, our people because of reasons best known to them made the whole project looks suspicious!

Let me ask the following questions:

 why is it that in this part of the country (Northern Nigeria) we are always looking for others’ bad side?

Why is it that we don’t think good of ourselves?

Why is it that we always tend to believe bad news but reject good or doubt good ones about our people?

Do we really mean business as a people? Where is our sense of humanity?

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Let me remind us that it is common in this part of the country to always fight people who are prospering.

Our envious nature cannot be hidden whenever one of us is said to have excel in one sphere of life or the other.

That is why one can see in this part of the country we are always looking for each other’s downfall. We don’t only lack decorum but respect among ourselves. We are too negative; too pessimistic; too closed-minded!

Let me sum up my piece with the title of a novel by Ghanaian writer, Ayi kwei Armah,  The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born. This simply means in the north, our future is bleak. That is why only the ugly ones are borne.

Our hypocritical nature is appalling. For the hypocrites, take this as takeaway “A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too if he could”!

Abubakar Isa Bakori writes from Kano


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