Mamman Daura’s Daughter And The Dent On Buhari’s Integrity

By Samuel Ajayi

If Daura’s daughter knew the damage she had done to whatever was left of Buhari’s integrity and his famed spartan life, she won’t send that video out nor do the press statement.

Read the young woman:

“My name is Fatima. I am a daughter to Malam Mamman Daura… if one reason well, he or she will understand that it is not possible to say that the wife of the president is denied access to her apartment but let me give a context. The apartment in question is called the Glass House. You know that there are several houses and apartments in the villa. When the president got into office, he gave the Glass House to our father, Mamman Daura. You all know that they are friends and are related, more so, they grew up together like twins. When he became president, he gave the Glasshouse to our dad and said he should stay there. Our dad stayed there for three years now until when the president’s son, Yusuf, had an accident and went to Germany for treatment.”

One thing Buhari’s e-kids have always said about him was that he would block all leakages in government. They never missed any chance to tell us there won’t be any wastages in government.

Yet, the same man gave a wing of the Presidential Villa to his cousin.

That is not the issue here.

The issue is that Daura and his family have been living off public funds whereas they were not part of the First Family.

When you live in any part of a Government House, you live off the government. Check these out:

You are entitled to free food and drinks as Protocol Department factors you into those to be fed.

Your apartment and its logistics (maintenance, utilities, and consumables are on the government.

There is also the possibility of your car(s), either official or not, being fueled from the Government House dump. (A mini fuel station inside the Government House that is never short of fuel supply).

Your laundry too is on government.

The entertainment of your guests is on the public.

So Daura and his family have lived off us for over three years.

Yet Buhari has blocked wastages.

If Fatima knew the implication of these, she won’t wash this dirty garment in the open…



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