We Call For Justice For 47 Abducted Kano Children

By Sen. Khalid Sunusi Kani

It was on Monday 14th September 2019 in the evening I overheard someone telling his friend that the Nigeria Police Force had rescued nine abducted children from the hands of kidnappers in Anambra State. He went on narrating that, the abducted children had been converted to Christianity and their authentic Islamic names were changed to Christian names by the abductors. I thought it was a dream because it seemed to me like a fictional story.

I intended to forge ahead with what I was doing but I couldn’t. I made up my mind to find out the reliability and the source of the story.

I decided to search the story on online newspapers and fortunately, I came across the story on the page of Daily Nigerian, Solace Base, and other online newspapers. I read the story in detail with full satisfaction and conviction.

As I finished reading the story I nearly shed tears, but my eyes were moistened and turned reddish. I was really shocked and spent almost 15 minutes thinking of the trauma the parents of those children passed through before reuniting with their almost missing children.

Being a prospective medical doctor, something very significant comes to my mind, which is the stress and the pain of labor mothers go through during delivery which we witness on a daily basis. And as well they take the pregnancy for about 9 months if she is lucky the pregnancy is not postdated. Some might give birth through cesarean section (C/S) as a result of complications in the course of the pregnancy.

So, despite all the aforementioned difficulties and sufferings, the mothers of those children were to scale through maternal mortality in a country with one of the highest horrible percentages all over the world.  Instead of celebrating them but some useless, clueless and valueless people had the gut to kidnap their children shamelessly.

Nevertheless, we must commend the effort of Kano State Police Commissioner, his officers, and other security agencies for their tireless work to finally rescue some of the missing children. But still, the scenario is becoming a kettle of fish because some children are still not with their parents which shows police and other security agencies need to work fervently towards rescuing the remaining victims.

We call on the Federal Government and the security agencies to prosecute the perpetrators of this unlawful act to face the wrath of the law because they have grossly and boldly violated the human rights of the victims.

Where is the freedom to live? Where is the freedom to practice any religion? The answer is No, No, and still no. Because they converted them to Christianity, they have changed their Islamic names and finally inculcate the behavior and characters of Igbo in them. So, actually, they have jeopardized the rights of the missing children, their parents, families, and the good people of Kano State.

Based on the above-mentioned violations we call on the relevant stakeholders to intervene in the issue and rescue the remaining kidnapped children.

It is very sad the way journalists and media organizations in Nigeria are operating based on their personal interests not for the benefit of the citizens.

I have understood that our media have started dividing along religious, ethnic and regional lines. If something happens to one region of the country only the media from that region would be amplifying the tragedy even if it deserves worldwide attention. I believe this form of practice of journalism will not yield a positive result but rather would lead to the destruction of our dear country Nigeria which is very catastrophic.

I am using this opportunity to call on the good people of Kano State, Northern Nigeria and Nigeria at large to continue pursuing Justice for the 47 abducted children in Kano state until Justice is served to the perpetrators. Let’s continue fighting for our rights, I do believe we can. YES, WE CAN!

Sen. Khalid Sunusi Kani 600 Level Medical Student Bayero University Kano writes from Kano and can be contacted on Khalidsunusikani13@gmail.com,07030631259 Twitter: Sen. Kani Facebook: Khalid Sunusi Kani


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