Enhanced E-Passport: Applicants Get Passport Within 24hrs In Kano

By Iro Dan Musa
Applicants for the Nigerian international e-passport in Kano state have revealed that the ability of Kano passport office to complete all bureaucratic requirements and issue applicants with passport has been one of the commendable developments achieved in recent time.

Speaking to Solacebase an applicant Almustapha Shehu Khamis revealed that he thought he will spend nothing less than a month before he secures the passport he applied for in the online platform of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) adding that to his surprise he got his passport the same day he entered Kano passport office. “If I was initially told that I would get my e-passport within 24 hours, I wouldn’t believe it. However, when I was issued with the passport the same day I fulfilled all the requirements after my online registration and subsequent payment, I was highly impressed; perhaps this is one of the positive development I had ever witness recently,” he said.

Another applicant Isah Ishaq Badawi revealed that, even though passport issuance in the state has been seasonal as demand becomes high during Hajj and lesser Hajj periods, even at that, the state passport office had made it very simple for applicants to obtain their passport with ease when all requirements were fulfilled.

A visit to Kano passport office revealed that the new leadership had introduced various innovations that have made e-passport issuance less difficult. It was discovered that a court registry and a bank representative have been stationed at the passport office to make it easier for applicants to complete the requirements and also it was discovered that, the waiting section for applicants has been renovated to make it more convenient for all visitors.
Solacebase also gathered that supply of the booklets from the head office of NIS has been constant and that has complement the achievement recorded in ease of doing business.


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