Why I Congratulated President Buhari- Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike,  says unlike most of his counterparts who sneak to Aso Rock to see President Muhammadu Buhari, he decided to congratulate the president in the open.

Nyesom Wike said that not like some governors of the Peoples Democratic Party who visit President Muhammadu Buhari at night, he made his declaration public because it came from his heart.

Solacebase recalled that Wike was the first governor from the opposition party to congratulate Buhari after the tribunal verdict on Wednesday.

Although his party rejected the judgment with a vow to challenge the verdict at the Supreme Court.

The governor, however, stated this at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Emohua, during the funeral service of the mother of a PDP leader in Rivers.

He said he knew that many people did not expect him to reach out to the president especially been Atiku Abubakar’s South-South Coordinator during the presidential campaign.

He said, “I am sure all of you are surprised that I congratulated Buhari. Is it not good for me to congratulate him than to go to his house in the night?

According to him, “Many PDP governors go to see him in his house in the night. I have never gone and I will not go. I won’t go. We are the only state that the federal government refused to pay us our money used to execute federal projects because I don’t go to see him in the night and I won’t go.’’

“He is not my friend; he is not doing well, but he won in court. Should I say that the court did wrong? No. President Buhari, congratulations and carry Nigerians along. Unify the country; the country is too divided. I am saying what is right. What I will do, I will do; what I will not do, I will not do,’’ said Wike.


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