Kwara Perm Sec Allegedly Involved In Corruption Cases

Kwara State Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

The new dawn in Kwara state with the drive of turning around the wasted 16 years of corruption and lack of sense of direction by the AbdulRahman AbdulRasaz led administration into the dreams and aspirations of the people is facing serious challenge in roads construction as the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works, Alhaji Garba Manjo is said to be compromising standard and already instituting entrenched corruption that was akin to the last administration.

According to Solacebase investigation, the attitude and posture of Alhaji Garba Manjo, erstwhile Director Administration and Finance, Kwara Government House has led to the low quality of roads constructed in the state since posted to the Works ministry as Permanent Secretary in 2018.

Considering potholes on major roads in the metropolis the AbdulRahman AbdulRasak led administration released N20million to  Kwara State Road Management Agency (KWARMA) on 11th June 2019 for immediate rehabilitation of roads. Alas, Garba Manjo allegedly pocketed N2m the usual way.

Before his posting as Perm Sec works,  the ministry was in proud possession of varieties of project vehicles- from Toyota Hilux (8), Ford (6), Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi (2), Peugeot 206 (2), amongst others.

All these were utility vehicles for project supervision though these vehicles were still not sufficient for over 120 roads across Kwara State – From Kaiama to Tumbuya via Sinau into Kosubosu back to Lanwa to Ogbondoroko straight into far Agunjin back to Fajeromi to Edidi and Obo Aiyegunle return to Ilorin. Surprisingly these vehicles in good working conditions were auctioned at unreasonable prices without due process.

These vehicles, without delay, were allegedly auctioned out to himself and his cronies. The Pajero that the former perm sec, Alabi Amuda left behind was auctioned by Alhaji Manjo to his friends through the backdoor. The Prado he bought for himself was a near new jeep but sold at a provocative sum of N175,000.

Today, it is a sorry case that only three vehicles are partially functional in that ministry.

The Perm Sec allegedly request for  running cost of engineering personnel directly from the contractors but these funds does not get to the engineers for proper road supervision

Garba Manjo is accused of mostly supporting contractors in the way that when an engineer gives instructions to the contractor during supervision, the contractor do call him to negate such demand or worse case, Engineers who are unyielding are moved out of such sites.

Incidentally, investigation reveals that Garba Manjo who is presently skimming for the position of Head of Civil Service of the state is presently hobnobbing with the governor’s Chief of Staff, Alhaji  Adisa Logun and an associate of the governor, Arch. Kale Belgore.

However, reacting to this development, Alhaji Garba Manjo in an interview with Solacebase on Monday denied most of the allegation noting that it’s the handwork of detractors.

‘’The issue of the said auction of vehicles is not true as the auction was done by the ministry of finance and personally, I don’t know who bought what,’’ said the Permanent Secretary.

‘’ Even if I am investigated, I would not be found wanting as I do not have direct dealing with money. But I believe that most of the people coming up with these allegations are disgruntle staff.’’