Sponsored Protests Against Us Cannot Deter Us—AI

Amnesty International has said it will not be intimidated by those who have been sponsoring protests against the organization.

AI said this in a statement while reacting to some protests which followed its condemnation of the Muhammadu Buhari-led government over the proscription of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.’

The organization noted that it had been working in Nigeria since 1967 and it would continue to hold the government accountable.

The statement read, “Amnesty International is a human rights organization and not affiliated to any interests, political, religious or commercial. We have been working on Nigeria since 1967 – our role is to hold governments to their obligations to respect and protect human rights and to ensure that anyone whose rights are violated has an effective remedy.

“For this reason, the organisation continues to call on the Nigerian government to use its authority and resources to investigate all allegations of human rights violations and abuses, including of rape, torture, arbitrary detentions and unlawful killings, to ensure reparation for the victims, to hold the perpetrators accountable, and to ensure non-repetition of the violations.

“Despite sponsored protests, we will not stay silent. In the face of efforts to evade responsibility or to smear our organization, we will continue to raise our voices whenever and wherever we see injustice, sexual abuse, discrimination against women, or any other violations of human rights in Nigeria.”

Solacebase recalled that protesters stormed the Abuja office of the Amnesty International (AI), and demanded its immediate exit from Nigeria.



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