NAHCON Deploys 350 Medical Personnel For 2019 Hajj

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has concluded all arrangements to send a total of 350 medical personnel for the 2019 Hajj exercise.

NAHCON’s Chief of Operations for 2019 Hajj, Dr. Muhammad Abdulkadir, who spoke with journalists in Madinah, said the personnel includes doctors, nurses and pharmacists among others to ensure effective healthcare services for the pilgrims.

Dr. Abdulkadir, who said the commission had established three First Aid Centres to provide primary healthcare for the pilgrims, added that those that required specialized attention would be referred to Al-Ansar General Hospital.

He said 28 members of the National Medical Team were already on the ground in Madinah to work with the other personnel expected to come from various states to perform the joint task.

Dr. Abdulkadir said the team was prepared to work before and after Arafat in Makkah and Madinah.

He advised pilgrims to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their stay in the Holy Land.

Abdulkabir, who also implored them to maintain a clean environment to boost their wellness in Saudi Arabia, urged the pilgrims to avoid eating foods that they were not used to so as to avoid constipation.

While underscoring the need for them to stay away from the sun in view of the hot weather to avoid dehydration and other attendant health consequences, he further advised the pilgrims to take adequate water to replace water loss.

 “Avoid overexerting yourself, maintain personal hygiene, make sure your room is well ventilated. “When there is heat, the temperature will rise. They (pilgrims) must avoid the hot sun. The pilgrims should reserve energy to go for Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Ishai prayers at Prophet’s mosque “The pilgrims also need to abide by the rules and regulation of Saudi authorities and bath at least once a day so that other nationals would see us as a good people,” he noted.

Abdul Kadir, who said the commission had observed fatigue due to stress among the pilgrims, expressed the readiness of the medical team to attend to them. “We have fairly adequate drugs. We have on-shore and off-shore supply of drugs,” he added. At least, 3,830 Nigerian pilgrims from Katsina, Kano and Lagos states had arrived Saudi Arabia since the airlift began on July 10.


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