Kaduna Arewa House To Begin Annual Buhari Integrity Lecture Series


Arewa House Centre for Historical Documentation and Research, Kaduna has put in motion  plans to commence integrity lecture series in honour of President Muhammadu Buhari with a view to inculcating the virtue of integrity that the president had stood for over the years.

A statement by the presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, said the Director of Arewa House, Prof. Idris Shaaba Jimada, stated this at the State House, Abuja during a call on the President.

The statement said he was speaking against the backdrop of the proposal, Muhammadu Buhari said instilling integrity in the young ones would have to start from resuscitating  the educational sector, with renewed focus on teaching valuable lessons like integrity in schools.

It said, such will require giving priority to the welfare and training of teachers, who directly create the enabling environment for learning.

According to the statement , “If it has to do with integrity, we must go back to history and try to assess the contribution of teachers to education, where teachers treated every child as their own in instilling discipline and sharing of knowledge.

“I have been lucky to be in boarding school for nine years, three years in primary school and six years in secondary school before I joined the military. And if we are talking of good education, it has to start with the teaching in schools, where children grow and the environment of learning,’’It added.

The statement added that President Buhari said education cuts across the three tiers of government, and it was important to consider who pays the teachers at every level and if the teachers get adequately compensated to provide quality education.

The President said the challenge of repositioning the educational sector and cultivating strong moral values in children goes beyond the northern part of Nigeria, and should be pursued holistically at a national level.

“Your nomenclature is Arewa, but the problem of education is a national issue,’’ the President noted.

President Buhari said focus must also be on providing accessible quality education for the privileged and underprivileged in the country, adding “we will have a better society when education is not only for those who can afford to pay expensive fees in schools.’’

It noted that Jimada, told the President that there was a need to inculcate the virtue of integrity that he had stood for over the years, and propagated as an important aspect of development.

 Jimada said the Arewa House Centre for Historical Documentation and Research had decided on instituting “The Buhari Integrity Annual Lecture Series’’, which would appraise the President’s position on morality and inspire more people to appreciate integrity as integral to Nigeria’s development.

“Integrity should be taught in our schools as part of civic education, and we are proposing that it starts with you,’’ he said.

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