My Lagos Slum Experience -Dolapo Osinbajo

The Wife of the Vice President, Oludolapo Osinbajo has said that the play, “Area Boy’’ reminded her of time spent working in the slums of Lagos amongst area boys and prostitutes.

The Public Relations Agency that made the statement available to newsmen on Saturday, said that Mrs Osinbajo disclosed this at the National Conference for the MTN-led Anti Substance-Abuse Programme recently held in Abuja.

“I insisted on watching the play, which is based on the perils of substance abuse, because I wanted to recollect a past experience.

“I wanted to watch the drama to relive again the times that I spent working in the slums of Lagos amongst the area boys, amongst prostitutes, amongst the rejects, and the lost.

“The drama was so life-like that I can pinpoint aspects of my experience in the dramatic piece, and as the drama went on, I can identify some people that I knew so many years ago,” it quoted Osinbajo as saying.

She also urged everyone, all stakeholders, to join in the fight against drug abuse, as this multi-headed monster required a multi-stakeholder intervention.

After a compelling performance, the play received a thunderous applause from the hundreds of guests, which included Oludolapo Osinbajo, politician and businessman, Tonye Cole, Wife of Kebbi State Governor, Zainab Bagudu, and others.

The second and last performance of the day was an energetic musical show by an actor, singer and anti-substance abuse advocate, David Jones, who joined the trail last month.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the MTN Anti-Substance Abuse Project, ASAP, is an initiative spearheaded by MTN Foundation, to deliver interventions that contribute to a significant reduction in the rate of drug abuse amongst the youths.



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