Environmental Preservation Will Lead To Economic Growth In Nigeria-Don

A new research conducted at Bayero University Kano shows that environmental preservation and protection will lead to sustainable economic growth and development.

The outcome of the research was presented as part of Professorial Inaugural Lecture presented by Professor Mustapha Mukhtar which was 42nd in the series titled: People, Planet and Profit: Peaceful Bed Fellows at the Best of Times But Strange Roommates at Present- The Economist’s Approach to a Peaceful and Sustainable Co-Existence on Thursday, 27th June, 2019.

Mustapha Mukhtar, who is a Professor of Environmental Economics with specialization in multi-disciplinary fields, argued that having examined the relationship between man, the environment and the economy, a number of conclusions can be drawn. He said the environment is considered a common property resource, and the polluting agents are not making efforts to abate the pollution unless compelled by relevant bodies to do so.

“Global warming and climate change are some of the consequences of environmental pollution and have adverse effects on the welfare of people and the environment at large,” he said.

Prof. Mukhtar noted that the natural environment is considered as the provider of resources to man in form of both land, water, air and the mineral deposits under the earth crust.

According to him man, however, search for economic satisfaction has subdued nature and succeeded in degrading the natural environment, this degradation manifests itself in forms of land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, thermal pollution and other forms of pollution.

He explained that various researches were conducted in this area if implemented will help towards striking a balance between man and environment and will ultimately lead to realization of sustainable utilization of the natural environment and at the same time guarantee a sustainable economic growth and development in Nigeria.

Earlier in his remark, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Muhammad Yahuza Bello, represented by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration, Professor Haruna Wakili said the research presentation was apt and timely considering the strategic importance of environment in the socio-economic development of any nation.


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