Creation Of New Emirates, Among My Topmost Achievement – Outgoing Kano Speaker

The out-going Speaker, Kano House of Assembly Speaker, Kabiru Alhassan Rurum says the creation of four new emirates in Kano is one among the proudest and milestone achievements recorded during his reign of Speakership of the State legislative chamber.

 Kabiru Rurum made the assertion on Friday while granting last official interview with the assembly’s press crew, shortly after the valedictory session of the Kano 8th assembly.

Rurum, who holds the traditional title of Turakin Rano, says the agitation of creating new Emirates in Kano was a long-standing aspiration from the time immemorial.

“I’m highly elated  for seeing this dream transform into reality during my reign as Speaker,” Rurum added.

He said apart from this, there is a law, which was amended during his tenure, which he said has been a nightmare for some civil servants such as; Directors, HOD’s and DPM’s which in past , were automatic retirement so long as a person  spent eight years on that post, even without attaining  the retirement age of 60 years or 35 years in service as stipulated by law.

“This predicament in the past has immeasurably inflicted pains and frustration on the victims, to the extent of sending them to premature grave, which is quite disheartening” Rurum said.

While commenting on the challenging moment encountered, the Turaki of Rano, says the hurdles are not far from lack of autonomy suffered by the Kano state assembly in particular, and the rest from other states in general.

“I do hope the 9th assemblies across the federation would enjoy the autonomy which would enable them to outperform their predecessors as far as making  laws to the betterment of the people is  concern”  He urged.

“I served in peace, and leaving in harmony, which is my proudest moment worthy  to praise God for his unflinching support and guidance”  Rurum asserted.

During the 8th assembly, Kano State House of assembly passed resolution on over 68 motions focusing on the needs of various constituencies in the State.


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