Presidential Panel Recommends Dismissal of 37 Policemen

The Presidential Presidential Panel on SARS Reform on Monday recommended the dismissal of 37 policemen accused violating the rights of Nigerians.

The Presidential panel, headed by the Executive Secretary, National Human Rights Commission, Anthony Ojukwu,  submitted its report to President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Monday.

According to the panel , “At the end of its public hearing and having listened to complaints as well as defendants and their counsel, it recommended thirty-seven (37) Police officers for dismissal from the force. Twenty four (24) were recommended for prosecution.

It also directed the Inspector General of Police to unravel the identity of twenty-two (22) officers involved in the violation of the human rights of innocent Citizens.

“The police were directed to pay compensation of various sums in forty—five (45) complaints and tender public apologies in five (5) complaints and directed to obey court orders in five (5) matters, said the panel.


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