New Kano Emirates: We Are Okay With Gaya Emirate- Wudil Community

Some Wudil indigenes under the auspices of Wudil Patriotic Group has expressed support to the creation of four Emirates in Kano and the merging of their community to Gaya Emirate.

The group said after due deliberation among stakeholders on Tuesday it was unanimously accepted that the merging of Wudil to the new Gaya Emirate is supported by the people as it will bring tremendous development to the communities.

A Communique issued by the group jointly signed by the Chairman Alhaji Yusuf Ibrahim Lajawa and Alhaji Audu Sale Utai on Tuesday said the Wudil Communities have allegiance to Gaya Emirate as created by the state governor.

It appreciated the state governor for the creation of the four new emirates and their support.

Solacebase recalled that last Saturday, a group of wudil indigenes and associations rejected merging of the area with Gaya Emirate calling for the reversion to Kano Emirate.


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