Creation Of New Emirates In Kano Is God Wishes- Aminu Ado Bayero

The newly-appointed Emir of Bichi, Alh Aminu Ado Bayero said it was not his wishes for Kano emirate to be fragmented into five, but it is a change from God which has to be accepted by all in good faith.

The newly- crowned Bichi Emir made the disclosure while briefing newsmen in Kano on Wednesday.

He added that power belongs to God and gives it to whom he wishes, at any time.

Emir Aminu Ado Bayero asserted that since the colonial period, emirs were in-charge and in total control of government establishment under native authority up to the time whereby traditional rulers were regarded as advisers whenever the need arises.

“Change is permanent in life, even though, it is not my wishes to see Kano emirate been fragmented to five, but It is a will of God, and no one has a power to change it” Bichi emir added.

Concerning his rapport with Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sunusi II, the emir of Bichi Aminu Ado Bayero added that “he is my blood-brother, and everyone knows that I immediately paid-homage when he was crowned as Emir of Kano after the demise of our late father, Alh. Ado Bayero”

Alh. Aminu  Ado Bayero added that, as a true muslim who believes in fate and destiny, he accepts every outcome of the situation as what almighty Allah decide.

While responding to a question regarding the court ruling regarding the appointment of the four emirs of the new Emirate that ordered both parties to maintain the status quo pending the next court ruling, the Bichi Emir said that he was just hearing of the development.

“I will accept whatever might be the outcome, it is only God that appoints or dispose at any given time.


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