New Emirates In Kano: Wudil Communities Refuse Merging With Gaya Emirate

The Wudil Joint Stakeholders Meeting on Saturday appealed to Kano state government to revert the community back to Kano Emirate from the just created Gaya Emirate Council as the arrangement has no historical benefit to the people of the communities.

Solacebase recalled that the bill for the creation of four emirates in Kano was signed into law by the governor, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje on Wednesday, namely, Rano, Gaya, Bichi and Karaye.

The joint stakeholders meeting consist of various groups and associations of Wudil natives.

Addressing journalists after a meeting of the group held in Wudil town, under the Chairmanship of the stakeholders, Yawale Muhammad Idris ,the Secretary Dr. Baba Sani Wudil expressed surprise that Wudil town has a different traditional historical background from that of Gaya hence they cannot be under Gaya Emirate.

‘’Even during the Jihad of Shehu Usman Danfodio five royal hubs were presented flags, that include Sulubawa, Gidan Sarki Kano, Jobawa, the present day Wudil,  Yolawa, the present day Dawakin Tofa, Danbazawa which is Danbatta and Gyanawa , that is Gabasawa,Sarki Dawaki maituta.

‘’So for God sake why would the government demean us and instead of merging us with the Kano Emirate that we have the same traditional historical relation, but we were grouped with Gaya, honestly we would not accept this.’’

Dr. Baba Sani Wudil also said that there was no consultation with the people of Wudil  before been grouped into the Gaya Emirate which is not appropriate.

‘’ We can tell you Journalists to find out neither was our state Assembly nor our national Assembly representatives consulted for them to sample the opinion of the people ‘’

The forum promised to communicate its grievances to the state government and vowed to pursue the issue through all legal means to ensure that the interest of the Wudil community people is not trampled on.

The group urged the community to remain calm and not to take laws into their hands.