BREAKING: The New Five Emirates In Kano As They Stand

The new five Emirates as passed into Law by Kano House Of Assembly on Wednesday, 8th May are:

Kano Emirate

1.            Kano Municipal

2.            Tarauni

3.            Dala

4.            Nasarawa

5.            Fagge

6.            Gwale

7.            Kunbotso

8.            Ungogo

9.            Dawakin kudu

10.          Munjibur

Rano Emirate

1.            Rano

2.            Bunkure

3.            Kibiya

4.            Takai

5.            Sumaila

6.            Kura

7.            Doguwa

8.            T/wada

9.            Kiru

10.          Bebeji

Gaya Emirate

1.            Gaya

2.            Ajingi

3.            Albasu

4.            Wudil

5.            Garko

6.            Warawa

7.            Gezawa

8.            Gabasawa

Karaye Emirate

1.            Karaye

2.            Rogo

3.            Gwarzo

4.            Rimingado

5.            Madobi

6.            Garun malam

Bichi Emirate

1.            Bichi

2.            Bagwai

3.            Shanono

4.            Tsanyawa

5.            Kunchi

6.            Makoda

7.            Danbatta

8.            Dawakin tofa 

9.            Tofa

According to the bill passed by the Assembly, seen by Solacebase, the Kano State Emirate Council shall consist of the following members, namely,

(A) (i) The Emir of Kano

(ii) The Emir of Rano

(iii) The Emir of Gaya

(iv) The Emir of Karaye

(v) The Emir of Bichi

(B) The Secretary to the State Government

(C) The Commissioner for Local Government

(D) The Chairmen of all the Local Government Councils in the State

(E) At least 2 King makers from each of the five Emirates mentioned

(F) Not more than five other members to be appointed by the Governor.


  1. The Kano state government has rush in their decision to create more Emirate. This is a clear plan to ridicule the Kano Emirate and to make it insignificant. I guess the urgency in which the state assembly passed the bill will be seen by many as a plan to winch hunt the current Emir of Kano whom the state government seen as a stumbling block to the recent election squabbles in the state.

  2. Where is Kura local Government belongs to, you have mentioned only 43 LG out of 44.

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