Kano Bound Train Derails In Niger, Injuring Many

A Kano- bound passenger train from Lagos on Monday derailed in Maikunkele, Bosso local government area of Niger state injuring several people, according to eyewitnesses.

The derailment took place between Maikunkele and Jangaru at about 1.30 pm in the afternoon.

They said, the first class coaches attached to the engine were not mostly affected while the canteen and the second class coaches fell off the rail , as five coaches in all were affected.

Some of the passengers said the train had been on the way from Lagos in the past three days.

The passengers, according to eyewitnesses, in a struggle for safety tried jumping off the window to safety causing a lot of injuries.

They said the accident was caused by cattle crossing the railway with the train running into them.

However some of the passengers, who were not injured, in the evening  were looking for vehicles to convey them into Minna for them to continue their journey to Kano.

An ambulance belonging to the Nigeria Railway Corporation was seen carrying injured passengers to the hospital for treatment.

The Nigeria Railway Corporation authorities in Minna were not  unwilling to make any comment regarding the incident.

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  1. “The Nigeria Railway Corporation authorities in Minna were not unwilling to make any comment regarding the incident.” Lol. Nija journalism…

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