2019 Elections : Candidates Adopt Condolence Visit As strategy To Garner Political Supports In Kano

In what seems to be the easiest method for garnering support from the people as Nigeria is presently geared towards 2019 general elections

In Kano, reports indicate that whenever a death occur, political candidates one after the other adopts the trend of paying condolence visit to the bereaved families.

The reports suggest that the palliative gesture is meant to gain support by Candidates and to test their popularity in disguise of comfort the bereaved families over the loss.

Simply to get votes during the forthcoming elections.

A politician who craved for anonymity in Kano metropolis said that this insincere tradition of visiting to commiserate is a longstanding one, intensify as elections is around the corner.

Bags of rice and funds are set aside meant for this purpose.

But he said, the trend is taking a new dimension as politicians are now blindly in need to grab power at all cost, since it is now becoming lucrative means of survival.

The candidates are not taking any opportunity for granted that will add more votes for them.

The trend is now becoming a discernible pattern, whereby the candidates and political groups are of the habits of competing among each other towards paying condolence visits and giving donations to the bereaved.

As 2019 general elections is fast approaching political parties across the nation are campaigning with their manifestos, using available inducements  at their disposal with  targeted aim to acquire more party supporters.


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