Moghalu Breaks Campaign With Free Online Copy Of His Book Containing His Plans For Nigeria

Young Progressive Party Presidential Candidate Prof. Kingsley Moghalu  on Monday reiterated his desire to put Nigeria on the right track of nation building with the free online distribution of his book BIG, Build, Innovate, Grow where he outlined how to go about it.

“I have painstakingly outlined my vision for Nigeria in my book, I am the first and dare say only presidential candidate to ever do this. It is not a policy document or just a few years plan, it’s a vision that even my successors can latch on and continue, with my book B.I.G, all Nigerians have a real blue print of

What to expect from 2019” Moghalu says.

Moghalu issued the statement in Lagos as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) lifted its ban on presidential campaigns ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Moghalu who released his book about his vision for Nigeria since February, says he understands the solutions to the nation’s problems like the back of his palm. Moghalu’s book is titled “BIG” as an acronym for Build, Innovate and Grow. He says he will be bringing plenty of innovation, quality leader- ship, nation building through systematic restructuring and real federalism, human capital development, economic growth hinged on philosophical foundation, and creatively managing the nation’s economy through his fiscal policy when he becomes president.

“My presidency will successfully move Nigeria away from an oil dependent economy to one that rewards innovation, creative thinking and hard work. For far too long, we have depended on oil to drive this nation because leadership has been lazy. That will change when I become president. The knowledge economy is what drives nations, not its non-renewable resources. My presidency will end this rent economy we have been running and restore hope to a suffering people. Nigerians deserve better than they have been getting from these two political parties who can’t fix the nation’s problems because they simply do not know better or have the capacity to”, Moghalu says.

Presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) Prof Kingsley Moghalu, has made it clear that his campaign will be focused on the issues that affect the everyday Nigerian and nothing more.

“As I kick off my campaign on the platform of the YPP, I want Nigerians not to be carried away by the big political rallies of the establishment candidates and their empty, meaningless promises. I want Nigerians to ignore the concerts these candidates will be assailing them with on the campaign trail. Nigerians should be asking themselves if their lives have been any better under the stewardship of the PDP and APC since 1999. That’s what 2019 is about and not just campaign jingles with no depth to them”, Moghalu says in his statement.

The YPP presidential candidate also touched on his choice of running mate in his statement. 37-year-old

Mrs. Umma Getso was announced as Moghalu’s running mate on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

“I chose her because I was told that choosing a lady as running mate would be a mistake. I was advised not to because women won’t win you elections on the ballot. But that is exactly my point. We have been running a nation where you are told not to go against the grain. Which is why we haven’t made progress since the return to civilian governance in 1999. Women are nation builders. They are our mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, wives, confidantes, you name it. No one understands a nation better than its womenfolk. It has been a mistake not to have carried them along all these years. Getso will complement me pretty well on the stump.

We agree on the issues to focus on if Nigeria must get out of this present economic slump, poverty and infrastructural decay. This is what I and Getso represent. A paradigm shift that will deliver good governance to Nigerians when we assume the reins in 2019”, Moghalu says.

The presidential candidate added that during the campaign season, Nigerians will be reminded of why they need to ditch the old order and go for him.

“I am the most qualified, competent presidential candidate out there today. I challenge Nigerians to hold my hands as I meet them on the campaign trail, so that together we can rebuild this country that the clueless and incompetent have brought to its knees. And trust me, we can achieve this together”, Moghalu says.

Moghalu’s book on his vision for the country come 2019, BIG (Build. Innovate. Grow) has been read and reviewed positively by several scholars, captains of industries, media agencies and the general public. He offers a free soft copy to all Nigerians. You can download the book from all his social media handles.


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