Petition Against Kano State Civil Service To Gov Abdullahi Ganduje


“Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness. People are just people, and all people have faults and shortcomings, but all of us are born with a basic goodness. “.   ———Anne Frank

We are going to be silent no more for lest our silence be mistaken for cowardice. We have to speak up so that those in better position to correct the wrongs will do so before we are strangled.

We like to use this medium to channel our collective grievances as medical students that hail from Kano state.

There is a mutually beneficial engagement between the Kano state government and medical students who are from Kano state.

It is a form of contract where a student is employed when he has reached his clinical years by the government.

The government gives monthly stipends to students and book allowance annually. The students on their part are to compulsorily work for the state for five years after graduation.

The problem we are now facing is that over the years corruption has crept slowly into the system and the sad part of it is that the head of the government is not aware of the situation.

Somebody up there that is very powerful do all forms of cover up to make sure they cart away more than they should legally earn.

The government usually releases book allowances on time but takes protracted time before it reaches the students who mostly use it to pay for their school fees and other registrations.

More often than not, it is after graduation that the allocation finally reach the student after the money has stayed dormant in a bank account and have generated the necessary interests.

Needless to say the students usually undergo untold hardships in anticipation of the allocation.

We like to use this medium to call on the government to come to our aid. Most of the Kano medical students are from poor backgrounds and use this book allowances to pay their registration which will be due anytime soon.

We have it from a reliable source that the government has released the funds but the paper got blocked along the channel, may be it is under a bunch of files or even swept under somebody’s carpet.

We complain to the relevant authorities, but it is wrongly interpreted as dissent and we pay heavily for the outspokenness.

Recently a student complained over the issue and was dealt with in an unfair and unjust manner. As a result most of us are quiet, despite our misfortune. We are very sure that the Head of civil service is not aware of this tight handedness.

The state government has commendably done all in its capacity towards alleviation of our plight. They have been providing all the necessary support whenever they are called upon. They have so far been the beacon of hope and opportunity towards a standard and qualitative education which will in effect produce a healthier state.

In conclusion, I will like to draw the humble and amiable attention of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, the Head Of the Civil Service and all stakeholders to come to our rescue. We are very patriotic and full of anticipation to serve our state dutifully.


Khalid Sunusi Kani is SUG President BUK, a Medical Student and can be reached on