Court Refuses To Transfer Shekarau’s Alleged N950m Money Laundry Case Out Of Kano

A Federal High Court in Kano on Monday, presided by Justice Luis Allgoa has dismissed a motion on notice filled seeking the transfer of a case involving the Former Governor of Kano state Ibrahim Shekarau and two others over alleged N950 million suit on money Laundering over fear of insecurity.

The Counsel to EFCC, JA. Ojogbane argues that, the rationale behind the move to transfer the case, is connected to the breakdown of law and order resulting to a faceoff between the supporters of Ibrahim Shekarau and security personnel at the court premises on the first arraignment day.

According to Ojogbane, the EFCC operatives  narrowly escaped lynching by the rampaging supporters who beseeched the court causing stampede and were later held hostage at their head office till 8pm on that fateful day, till Shekarau was released on bail after fulfilling the bail conditions.

He also told the court that the lives of his witnesses as well as himself was being threatened, this, he said would prevent his witnesses from testifying hence, the need for an urgent transfer of the case to a more secured location within the country.

“ considering the traumatic experience we went through during the first arraignment, and the series of threat we have received so far, the prosecution is very apprehensive.

The three witnesses are also afraid to testify as they are being threatened by unknown persons. Adding that, only one of them agreed that his name should be used on the affidavit submitted before the court”

The Defense Counsel, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria Sam Ologunorisa  in his argument, countered the motion that it was just a ploy by the EFCC to stall the trial as it appeared they were not ready to continue the case.

According to him, the motion which was hurriedly filed before the court on the 13th of of October 2018 and which he received a copy on Friday 16th October should not be granted as the court has no jurisdiction for such.

He noted that, the affidavit filed is self contradictory as the first 3 witnesses on record are all EFCC’s operatives arguing that the current motion has the name of a one Aliyu Da’u Aliyu as a witness whom he said was never a witness in the case that his alleged fear cannot inform the decision to transfer the case.

However, the presiding Judge, Justice  Luis  Allagoa dismissed the motion seeking for case transfer and adjourned the matter till 3rd and 4th December for trial.



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